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Introducing 7Shop and 7Rewards

By Kickstart 2022, SEVEN, Seven West Media

Plus new data partnerships for 7REDiQ

The Seven Network today announced two key new products to supercharge the way brands connect with consumers – 7Shop and 7Rewards – plus three new strategic partnerships to drive better results for advertisers.

Unveiled during Seven’s 2022 Upfront presentation, 7Shop and 7Rewards will be integrated with Seven’s market-leading audience intelligence platform, 7REDiQ, which combines Seven’s first-party data of 10 million registered and addressable 7plus users (or SWM-iDs) with extensive second-party data partnerships.

7Shop is the first service of its kind in Australia and allows consumers to instantly buy on-screen products they see while streaming their favourite TV programs on 7plus.

Using AI technology and content recognition software from Seven’s 7CAP contextual ad placement product to identify and tag products in Seven’s most popular programs, 7Shop will let people buy what they see on screen, not just in the supporting commercial content.

7Shop blends content and commerce in one place to create an easy way for consumers to shop for the products they see on screen, be it an Apple iPad featured in The Voice, a dress worn on Home and Away, a car driven in Farmer Wants A Wife or a power drill on Better Homes and Gardens.

Viewers will be notified they are watching shoppable content. They can then pause the content they are watching and use their mobile device to either view additional branded content or activate a QR code and make a purchase via the vendor’s website.

As we continue to invest in our technology, data and innovative commerce offerings, 7Shop is the natural next step in Seven’s Enhanced Advertiser and Viewer Experience [E.A.V.E.] initiative.

The 7Shop innovation will simplify the customer journey and bring brands closer to audiences in contextually relevant programming – influencing consumer behaviour from consideration to immediate action, all while they are watching TV.

“We know Seven viewers are often inspired by and passionate about our content. We can turn that passion into purchase. In doing so, we offer a value exchange for consumers,  brand building and sales opportunities for companies, and greater audience engagement for Seven. 7Shop represents a unique full funnel marketing opportunity for buyers to convert millions of Seven viewers into customers.

Kurt Burnette, Seven West Media Chief Revenue Officer

Seven has partnered with The Entertainment Group, a leader in technology-enabled direct-to-member loyalty platforms and famous for its much-loved Entertainment Book, to create a new rewards program.

7Rewards is purpose-built to facilitate new brand opportunities and stronger engagement and advocacy with Seven’s audiences by creating an even more rewarding experience within 7plus. The personalised offers include dining, travel and activities for the family, all of which can be redeemed on the spot or saved and used later.

Leveraging data and insights from 7REDiQ, 7Rewards will create unique and customised ad experiences that connect brands more closely with Seven’s audience and will allow marketers to track the end-to-end customer journey and attribution as it happens.

Building on 7Shop, 7Rewards enhances the viewer experience and will deliver better results for advertisers by allowing users to buy and trial their products on the spot.

7Rewards, combined with the latest technology and data targeting functions from 7REDiQ, creates an incredibly powerful opportunity for brands to cut through and connect with content that moves audiences. The combination of 7Shop and 7Rewards delivers the full circle of attention, action and attribution for brands.

The recent identifier changes of tech platforms and a cookieless future means it’s critical broadcasters and publishers deliver a value exchange for consumers. 7Rewards does this by connecting high-value audiences with exclusive offers and experiences that deepen a user’s engagement and loyalty. It makes advertising more relevant and, therefore, enjoyable through personalisation.

Nicole Bence, Seven West Media Network Digital Sales Director

Seven today announced new strategic data partnerships with Car Experts, Equifax and Cricket Australia, which join the 7REDiQ ecosystem to bring brands closer to their desired audiences than ever before.

Car Experts provides insights on people who intend to buy a car, enabling closer and more strategic targeting in this key, highly competitive sector that generates billions of dollars in purchases each year.

Equifax is a global data, analytics and technology company and a market leader in consumer credit information. It will provide 7REDiQ with more financial data-driven insights that can be activated on connected TVs.

The partnership with Cricket Australia positions Seven as both a broadcast and a data partner for the organisation, delivering insights to help it better understand how its fans engage with the game. In return, Seven can now offer more accurate fan insights, cricket team-level attribution and game day audience summaries for brands and broadcast sponsors.

At its core, 7REDiQ makes it easier for advertisers to target the consumers they want to reach through deeper audience understanding and insights.

7REDiQ’s strategic data partners including Flybuys, Carsguide, Weatherzone, LandmarksID, Ticketek and Mastercard currently deliver over two billion data points against the SWM-iDs. The exciting new partnerships will surface even more deterministic insights for brands to leverage when planning, buying and measuring campaigns.

Our continued investment in data and dynamic insights gives brands a critical way to understand where their target audiences are and what moves them to action. Our ‘visualised’ dashboard brings up-to-the-minute audience intelligence to life, helping to make decisions easier for our brands and partners.

We believe in 7REDiQ’s transparency and its value to enrich other datasets to drive business growth. We believe in making it easy to use and that it should be visual to demonstrate the meaningful full funnel insights for brands, agencies and creatives.

No walled garden, no black box, no vapourware, no ‘dashboard is coming’ talk. Our data strategy is simple: we show how the Seven audiences intersect with our data partners’ data and prove the connection points. It’s time to remove any doubt.

Charlotte Valente, Seven West Media Chief Marketing Officer

Total TV tells the total story

By Seven West Media

By James Warburton, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Seven West Media

It was more than 16 years ago, but I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was 8.35am the morning after Desperate Housewives had launched on Seven. The OzTAM overnight audience numbers arrived, and we had a huge hit our hands: 2.5 million viewers in metropolitan markets alone. The rebirth of Seven had begun.

Fast forward almost two decades and, until a couple of weeks ago, the TV industry was still obsessing about overnight audience numbers. What that meant, of course, was that we were leading the public discussion about free-to-air TV audiences with the smallest number we had. Never mind the rise of time-shifted viewing, BVOD and live streaming: as an industry we were ignoring the dramatic change in how our content is consumed and pushing overnight numbers which were, not surprisingly, in steady decline.

Overnight audience numbers are very misleading. In some cases, they represent less than 70% of a TV program’s true audience. When catch-up viewing in its various forms and live streaming are added, some programs add hundreds of thousands of “new” viewers. Not hundreds, but hundreds of thousands.

For years, self-appointed experts have proclaimed that TV is dying. They are, of course, wrong (and, in many cases, biased). TV isn’t dying. It is changing. It is adapting to changes in how, where and when people want to watch video content.

The free-to-air TV networks are constantly being told we need to innovate in how we create and sell our content, how we use data, how we trade with our commercial partners, and so on.

And yet, until very recently, we were clinging to antiquated audience numbers that undersold our innovation and painted us in the worst possible light. We were our own worst enemy. Would Google and Facebook go to market with archaic audience numbers? No. They put out the biggest numbers they can, even when there are questions about how real or commercially relevant they are (does anyone really believe two seconds is a video view?).

On 13 September, after more than six months of debate, cajoling and setbacks, we finally went public with daily total audience numbers covering seven days of viewing, that is, overnight audience numbers plus time-shifted viewing, BVOD and live streaming. Sure, at this stage, we are only distributing two top 30 program tables each day – one ranking programs by total people, the other by 25 to 54s – but it is a great first step.

The total audience numbers are sent to media just after 9.00am every day, followed by the overnight numbers at about 10.00am. The vast majority of the journalists who write about TV are ignoring the total audience numbers and still focusing on overnights. That is not even remotely surprising. As an industry, we spent decades feeding the media reporting of the overnight ratings. The only way to stop that is to stop the public distribution of the overnight ratings. That isn’t going to happen, at least, not yet.

The overnight ratings are not what we trade on with media buyers or for our clients, and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. The seven-day total audience numbers are an important currency and show the real reach and impact of our content.

Take the new season of SAS Australia. So far, its series total audience numbers are about 30% bigger than its overnight numbers. Its first episode had 968,000 viewers overnight. Over the following seven days, that climbed to 1.36 million (including SAS Uncensored on 7plus), an increase of 41% or 392,000 viewers. The increase among 25 to 54s was even bigger, at 58%. In a very different genre, Home and Away routinely sees increases of about 20% from overnight to total audience numbers, representing up to 200,000 additional viewers.

Other shows on air now are seeing similar, albeit smaller, gains as SAS Australia, including The Block, The Newsreader and The Masked Singer. Their increases reflect how our consumers – and therefore our industry – are changing. Total audience numbers will only become more important, as BVOD and live streaming continue to grow.

As an industry, we need to increase our focus on total audience numbers. That includes convincing the media who report on TV to focus on the total audience numbers. Of course, the solution is to stop publicly releasing overnight numbers. For some, that is brave step, so we will keep working to help them take it.

Seven appoints new Head of Research and Insights

By Seven West Media

As Seven West Media (ASX: SWM) continues to accelerate its digital transformation and market-leading data offering, the business has strengthened its Insights team with the appointment of Craig Johnson as Head of Research and Insights, effective immediately.

A key member of Seven’s Audience Intelligence team, Mr Johnson is responsible for measuring and analysing data and insights from Seven’s audiences across all platforms, including broadcast television and online streaming on 7plus. He reports to Director of Audience Intelligence, Andrew Brain.

Mr Johnson has previously held senior roles in international and Australian media companies and was most recently embedded at Facebook’s Californian head office as a Senior Vice President – Global Business Partner Leader at Nielsen, where he managed and grew the global alliance between Facebook and Nielsen.

Craig is an accomplished leader in data and his extensive background in media and previous senior roles at Nielsen across multiple territories will be a tremendous asset to Seven.

As a strategic partner to our marketing, programming, commercial, corporate and strategy teams, Craig will bring new thinking and innovative approaches to data measurement that will help inform critical business decisions. He also joins us at an exceptional time for the industry, following the recent roll out of VOZ, OzTAM’s Total TV reporting and the newly announced IAB measurement partner, Ipsos.

Andrew Brain, Director of Audience Intelligence

I am thrilled to join Seven West Media during such an exciting time of growth for the company. I look forward to working with the team to drive new measurement solutions under Seven’s market-leading first-party data assets, including 7REDiQ, and unifying insights and data analytics across the company.

Craig Johnson, Head of Research and Insights

Mr Johnson’s appointment follows the departure of Emelia Millward, who is moving to a new role overseas.

Brett McKeehan joins Seven as Head of Digital News

By SEVEN, Seven West Media

The Seven Network today announced the appointment of Brett McKeehan as Head of Digital News, including 7NEWS.com.au, Australia’s #1 online news service for under 40s.

Mr McKeehan will have editorial oversight of 7NEWS.com.au and will be responsible for driving digital growth and managing the website’s award-winning original reporting, digital articles, live news coverage, videos, podcasts and social content. He will report to Seven’s Director of News and Public Affairs, Craig McPherson.

Mr McKeehan was most recently Director of Asia, CNN Digital Worldwide, based in Hong Kong, where he was responsible for APAC digital strategy, content development, planning and publishing for the site’s US and international readers.

Mr McKeehan previously worked at South China Morning Post in Hong Kong as the Digital Editor. His career also includes senior editorial and production roles for News Corp Australia and The Daily Telegraph, plus editorial and digital roles in the UK at The Sun and News of the World.

Since its inception, 7NEWS.com.au has grown its audience at a phenomenal rate. The appointment of Brett will now take us to the next level as we extend our digital news delivery and offerings in line with Seven’s overarching digital strategy and Australia’s number 1 news service.

Craig McPherson

I’m delighted to be returning home to Australia to join Seven Network, one of the country’s most iconic and important brands. Seven’s digital vision is ambitious, innovative and exciting, and I can’t wait to meet the team and get started.

Brett McKeehan

TV’s toughest test is back with SAS Australia


Star recruits pushed to breaking point in SAS Australia’s most gruelling season yet

Eighteen Aussie celebrities take on one of the toughest tests of their lives in the highly anticipated new season of SAS Australia, coming soon to Channel 7 and 7plus.

Under the direction of elite ex-Special Forces soldiers Ant Middleton, Mark “Billy” Billingham, Jason “Foxy” Fox and Ollie Ollerton, recruits will face a series of physical and psychological tests from the real SAS selection process – on the most gruelling course ever seen in the UK or Australia.

The star recruits brave enough to take the ultimate challenge are:

Alicia Molik – Tennis Champion
Bonnie Anderson – Singer / Actor
Brynne Edelsten – Socialite
Dan Ewing – Actor
Emma Husar – Former Politician
Erin Holland – TV Presenter
Heath Shaw – AFL Star
Isabelle Cornish – Actor
Jana Pittman – Dual Olympian
Jessica Peris – Sprinter
Jett Kenny – Ironman
John Steffensen – Olympic Runner
Kerri Pottharst – Beach Volleyball Olympian
Koby Abberton – Bra Boy
Manu Feildel – Celebrity Chef
Mark Philippoussis – Tennis Legend
Pete Murray – Singer-Songwriter
Sam Burgess – NRL Star

In punishing conditions, recruits will be subjected to extreme physical endurance, sleep deprivation, interrogation and psychological testing, with no allowances or exceptions made for their celebrity status or gender.

They’ll need to push past their fears and their limits in the hope of passing SAS selection.

Some will reach breaking point and withdraw. Who has the mental strength to tough it out to the end?

The gripping new season of SAS Australia premieres after the Olympics on Channel 7 and 7plus.

SAS Australia is coming soon to Channel 7 and 7plus

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Time to get the feeling!


Global mega-hit The Voice premieres 7.00pm Sunday, 8 August

The world’s biggest singing competition will debut on its new home with a new look, new feel, an all-star coaching panel and world-class artists waiting to be discovered.

Taking their places on the spinning red chairs are multiple ARIA and GRAMMY© Award winner Keith Urban, UK hit machine Rita Ora, mega selling singer-songwriter Guy Sebastian and, making her coaching debut on The Voice, singing and acting sensation Jessica Mauboy.

I love the spirit of The Voice – the fact that we’re coaches more than judges – and that we get to do hands on mentoring. That’s what sets the show apart.

Keith Urban

Helping people find their voice is truly inspiring.

Rita Ora

It’s not always about hitting the perfect note, it’s about making sure you feel the song because that’s going to help you connect to the audience and the people watching at home.

Jessica Mauboy

What I am looking for is somebody who you can imagine on radio, who is immediately identifiable by their voice, their tone, and the way they tell a story through song.

Guy Sebastian

One of the most successful formats in the world, the 10th season of The Voice hosted by Sonia Kruger premieres 7.00pm Sunday, 8 August on Channel 7 and 7plus. Get the feeling!

The Voice premieres 7.00pm Sunday, 8 August on Channel 7 and 7plus
Get the feeling!

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Seven fires up in first half


#1 network for past nine consecutive weeks
#1 network for 14 of past 26 weeks
#1 news program: 7NEWS
#1 breakfast TV program: Sunrise
#1 winter sport: AFL
#1 Australian drama: Home and Away
#1 nightly game show: The Chase Australia
#1 multichannel group: 7two, 7mate, 7flix

The Seven Network has finished the first half of the year with strong momentum ahead of the highly anticipated Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Seven ranked #1 in 14 of the past 26 weeks and is the only commercial free-to-air television network to increase its audience share during the first half of the calendar ratings year.

Seven’s tally of #1 weeks includes wins across the past nine consecutive weeks. From late April to yesterday, Seven was the #1 network in total people, people 25 to 54 and 16 to 39s.

Seven’s success on television has been matched by the strong performance of 7plus, which increased its audience 18% in the past three months.  

Our strategy of investing in new and proven content across television and digital is delivering powerful results.

Seven is the only network that has grown its audience share this year in 25 to 54s, 16 to 39s and total people. Since late April, we have been #1 every week in those three demographics and in under 50s.

The tentpole shows Big Brother and Dancing With The Stars: All Stars delivered great results, as did 7NEWS Spotlight and our dominant content ‘spine’ of 7NEWS, Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Chase, Home and Away and Better Homes and Gardens. The AFL is Australia’s #1 winter sport by a significant margin and Supercars have roared back onto Seven in a big way,” he said.

At the same time, 7plus is having a remarkable year. It continues to drive the digital transformation of our business and is drawing new users, day in, day out.

James Warburton, Seven West Media Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

After a successful first half, we are ready to deliver our strongest second-half content line-up in many years, with the best sport on TV, the best news and public affairs content, and an impressive collection of proven entertainment hits.

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be the biggest media event in a long time. Before they start, we have the new season of our #1 entertainment show last year, Farmer Wants A Wife. After the Olympics, we head straight into the brilliant new season of The Voice, an incredible new series of SAS Australia that takes the format to a whole new and shocking level, and Big Brother VIP with the noisiest celebrity cast ever seen on Australian television.

We also have the AFL Final Series, Bathurst 1000, the best horse racing in Australia, and a lot more. It’s an incredible line-up, one that is on track to return Seven to market leadership in 2021. Summer brings the highly anticipated Ashes Test series, and the BBL and WBBL, and then the Olympic Winter Games Beijing to launch 2022.

Angus Ross, Seven’s Director of Network Programming

We delivered excellent results for our partners in the first half of 2021 and the second half is going to be even better.

Our line-up of tentpole shows is best in market. 7NEWS, Sunrise, The Morning Show and The Chase dominate their timeslots. Home and Away is having a fantastic year. The AFL Final Series, horse racing and Supercars will be big winners with viewers and advertisers.

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be the country’s biggest-ever broadcast and digital event. For the first time in Australian free-to-air television history, there will be 45 dedicated Olympic Games channels across Seven and 7plus, all live, free and in HD. Let the games begin.

Kurt Burnette, Seven West Media Chief Revenue Officer

First half 2021 highlights

Commercial audience shares (%)

NetworkFirst half 2021First half 2020Change*
Total peopleSeven37.135.6+1.5
25 to 54sSeven33.232.1+1.1

Commercial audience shares (%)
25 April to 26 June

Total peopleSeven39.137.0+2.1
25 to 54sSeven36.133.6+2.5
* Change in percentage points


7NEWS Sunday

  • 1.5 million viewers nationally, 992,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 Sunday news program
  • Won every week in first half of 2021
  • 21% more viewers than Nine News nationally, 7% more in the capital cities

7NEWS Monday to Friday

  • 1.42 million viewers nationally, 939,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 weeknight news program
  • Won every week in first half of 2021
  • 27% more viewers than Nine News nationally, 5% more in the capital cities

7NEWS Saturday

  • 1.21 million viewers nationally, 787,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 Saturday news program
  • Won every week in first half of 2021
  • 20% more viewers than Nine News nationally, 5% more in the capital cities


  • #1 news website in 18 to 29s
  • #4 news website in total people


  • 439,000 viewers nationally, 254,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 breakfast TV program
  • Won every day in first half of 2021 (has won every day for more than three years)
  • 45% more viewers than Today nationally, 25% more in the capital cities

The Morning Show

  • 228,000 viewers nationally, 136,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 morning TV program
  • Won every day in first half of 2021
  • 46% more viewers than Today Extra nationally, 21% more in the capital cities

The Latest

  • 180,000 viewers nationally, 121,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 in timeslot in total people


7NEWS Spotlight: The Phenomenon

  • 1.18 million viewers nationally, 731,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 in its timeslot in total people and 25 to 54s
  • Increased timeslot audience 15% nationally year-on-year, 4% in the capital cities

7NEWS Spotlight: Craig McLachlan

  • Increased timeslot audience 7% in the capital cities year-on-year

7NEWS Spotlight: Martin Bryant’s Dark Secrets

  • 1.14 million viewers nationally, 737,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 in timeslot in total people

7NEWS Spotlight: Fight Of His Life

  • 916,000 viewers nationally, 719,000 in the capital cities

7NEWS Spotlight: Ride Of Your Life

  • 877,000 viewers nationally, 559,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 in its timeslot in total people


AFL Premiership Season (to date)

  • 697,000 viewers nationally, 520,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 winter sport on TV
  • #1 in timeslot in footy markets in total people and 25 to 54s


  • Test Cricket – Australia v India
    • First Test (Adelaide): Day/Night Test 685,000 viewers nationally, 460,000 in the capital cities  
    • Second Test (Melbourne): Boxing Day Test 843,000 viewers nationally, 562,000 in the capital cities
    • Third Test (Sydney): 785,000 viewers nationally, up 20% on 2018-19 Fourth Test; 537,000 in the capital cities
    • Fourth Test (Brisbane): averaged 727,000, up 11% on 2018-19 Fourth Test; 483,000 in the capital cities  
  • Big Bash League
    • Grand Final Day 867,000 viewers nationally, 562,000 in the capital cities
    • Series: 560,000 viewers nationally, 347,000 in the capital cities


  • Seven’s two rounds averaged 332,000 nationally, 180,000 in the capital cities
  • Audience up 28% in total people on Network 10’s first rounds in 2020, up 19% in 25 to 54s
  • 7plus: 5.6 million live streaming minutes across two rounds’ race days

The Front Bar

  • 444,000 viewers nationally, 338,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 sport entertainment program in Melbourne


Dancing With The Stars: All Stars

  • Finale Winner Announced: 1.33 million viewers nationally, 881,000 in the capital cities
  • Finale: 1.3 million viewers nationally, 852,000 in the capital cities
  • Launch: 1.2 million viewers nationally, 816,000 in the capital cities
  • Series: 1.06 million viewers nationally, 711,000 in the capital cities
  • Increased timeslot audience 18% in total people year-on-year in the capital cities
  • 35 million minutes streamed
  • Over 26.4 million total social media impressions
  • 4.1 million social engagements
  • 4.5 million social video views

Big Brother (series to date)

  • Launch: 1.03 million viewers nationally, 740,000 in the capital cities
  • Series: 927,000 viewers nationally, 644,000 in the capital cities
  • Increased timeslot audience 10% in 25 to 54s and 19% in 16 to 39s year-on-year in the capital cities
  • 392 million minutes streamed
  • Over 80 million total social media impressions
  • 6.1 million social engagements
  • 27.8 million social video views

Holey Moley

  • Launch: 1.67 million viewers nationally, 1.1 million in the capital cities
  • Series: 980,000 viewers nationally, 639,000 in the capital cities
  • Increased timeslot audience 21% in 25 to 54s, 30% in 16 to 39s and 8% in total people year-on-year in the capital cities
  • 62 million minutes streamed

Home and Away

  • 924,000 viewers nationally, 560,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 Australian drama
  • Most streamed drama series on BVOD. Up 40% year-on-year.
  • BVOD minutes streamed up 40%
  • 2 million total social followers
  • 76.7 million social impressions
  • 4.5 million total social engagements
  • 8.8 million social video views

The Chase Australia

  • 814,000 viewers nationally, 499,000 in the capital cities
  • Won every week in first half of 2021

Better Homes and Gardens:

  • 695,000 viewers nationally, 415,000 in the capital cities
  • #1 lifestyle show
  • 20 million streaming minutes


  • #2 commercial free-to-air BVOD platform
  • 36% share of commercial free-to-air BVOD market
  • Active users up 6% year-on-year
  • Audience up 18% in the past three months on the previous three months


  • #1 multichannel group
  • 7mate: #1 multichannel in target market of men 18 to 54s
  • 7mate: equal #1 multichannel in 25 to 54s
  • 7two: #1 multichannel in target market of women 18 and older

Source: OzTAM (Metro Broadcast and National BVOD), RegionalTAM (Comb. Agg Markets). Wks 1-26 2021. Primetime: 1800-2400. Metro unless stated otherwise. #1 Genres: Commercial FTA Networks, The Chase Australia #1 Game show for nightly (M-F) telecasts, excl one eps weekly programs. Timeslot growth for programs based on same day/timeslot previous year, metro, Cons7. The Chase Australia 5.30pm telecast (excl 5pm). Seven News Number 1 (1800-1900 M-F) Excluding Specials, Seven News Number 1 (1800-1900 Sunday) Excluding Specials, Seven News Number 1 (1800-1900 Sat) excluding specials, Sunrise Number 1 Breakfast Sunrise v Today (exactly match) (excl all other coding), The Morning Show Number 1 Morning Today Extra v The Morning Show (exact match) exclude all other coding). Data: Consolidated 7 (Live + As Live + TSV7) prior L7D, Overnight L7D. BVOD (Live + VOD, incl co-viewing).  Nielsen Digital Media Ratings, Monthly-Tagged, January – May 2021, P18-29, Digital C/M, Text, Current Event and Global News subcategory, UA. Nielsen Digital Media Ratings, Monthly-Tagged, May 2021, P2+ Digital C/M, Text, Current Event and Global News subcategory, UA   

First Look: All-new The Voice Australia


Get the feeling!

Prepare to get the feeling when the first look of the highly-anticipated, new-look series of the world’s biggest show, The Voice, premieres on its new home – Channel Seven.

Multiple ARIA and GRAMMY© Award winner Keith Urban, UK hit machine Rita Ora, mega-selling singer-songwriter Guy Sebastian, and – making her coaching debut on The Voice – singing and acting sensation Jessica Mauboy step into the spotlight for a show-stopping performance of Justin Timberlake’s global hit Can’t Stop The Feeling!.

Setting the tone for an all-killer, no-filler rendition of the internationally loved competition, the larger-than-life promo showcases stellar vocals and a spectacular film clip directed by James Chappell, who has previously worked with Urban and Sebastian.

The Voice has been the biggest entertainment show globally and in Australia for years, and we can’t wait to unveil our refreshed and reimagined version later this year.

The first-look promo is just a tiny hint of what’s to come. Keith, Rita, Guy and Jess are amazing, and the talent among the artists in the new season is extraordinary. All of Australia is going to get – and love – the feeling of the new The Voice.

Angus Ross, Seven Network Programming Director

One of the most successful television formats in the world, the 10th season of The Voice will be hosted by Sonia Kruger and features surprising new elements, plus the strongest ever line-up of artists competing for the illustrious title.

The Voice will premiere on the Seven Network after the Olympics.

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Seven appoints new Head of Corporate Communications

By SEVEN, Seven West Media

Seven West Media (ASX: SWM) today announced the appointment of Robert Sharpe to the new role of Head of Corporate Communications, effective tomorrow.

Mr Sharpe reports to SWM Chief Marketing Officer, Charlotte Valente, and is responsible for the media group’s external and internal communications.

Mr Sharpe was previously Corporate Affairs Advisor at Optus, responsible for leading the development and execution of national communications campaigns for Optus Enterprise, Optus Business, Optus Sport, Wholesale and Satellite. He has also previously worked at Network 10, Spotcap Global and ITV.

I’m very pleased to welcome Robert to SWM. As a senior corporate communications expert with over 14 years’ expertise in strategic communications across a number of industries, including TV and digital media, telecommunications and fintech in Australia and the UK, he will be a great addition to our communication team.

Robert has strong business, technology and media contacts across Australia’s tier one and industry media and a passion for executing campaigns that deliver results.

Charlotte Valente, SWM Chief Marketing Officer

I’ve been an admirer of Seven’s TV, digital and print businesses for many years. The corporate and content strategies outlined in SWM’s three-year transformation plan are already delivering strong results and I’m really looking forward to being part of the company’s ongoing development and success.

Robert Sharpe

Seven West Media and Facebook set up new partnership

By 7NEWS, SEVEN, Seven West Media

Seven West Media (ASX: SWM) today announced it has signed a Letter of Intent to provide news content to Facebook.

The LOI is subject to signing a long-form agreement between the two companies, expected to be executed over the following 60 days. Seven West Media will provide more details following the execution of the agreement.

The establishment of this new partnership with Facebook is a significant move for our business and reflects the value of our original news content across our successful metropolitan and regional broadcast, digital and print properties.

On 15 February we announced a LOU for a partnership with Google, to provide news content to the Google Showcase product.

Together, the two announcements are a strong recognition of the quality and credibility of our leading news brands and entertainment, and will enable us to continue to build our digital platform.

These partnerships would not have been possible without the leadership and vision of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Communications Minister Paul Fletcher, and we thank them.

Kerry Stokes AC, Seven West Media Chairman

Like our new, market-leading partnership with Google, our agreement with Facebook is an important part of the strategy to transform our company and build Australia’s leading news and entertainment content business.

Both agreements are a significant step forward for Australian news media and are a clear acknowledgement by all parties of the value and importance of original news content.

James Warburton, Seven West Media Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

We are pleased to confirm our investment through a Letter of Intent with our partners from Seven West Media. This agreement brings the premium news content Seven produces from its newsrooms across Australia to Facebook. We have always been committed to supporting journalism and our agreement today continues our work with the news community in Australia.

Will Easton, Managing Director of Facebook Australia and New Zealand

This release has been authorised to be given to the ASX by the Managing Director and CEO of Seven West Media Limited.


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