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Unlocking total TV

TV Consumption behaviour is changing and we know a converged buying approach works for advertising.  There are great benefits to structural changes within agencies and broadcasters, but measurement is currently a challenge.  Alongside accurate and industry accepted measurements, we can reach true total screen planning and buying. 

Total TV

We need a new total market study, not just total TV, as it’s no longer relevant to talk about Total TV as Linear and BVOD – it equals all video content and sources of viewing.

Consumption on the rise

Australians are consuming more content than ever, and Australia has the right infrastructure to achieve a total market approach, with 8.6M viewing internet content on a connected TV daily.

Our research found that varied cross-screen measurement methodologies is the biggest challenge facing advertisers (70%)

Total screens

We know VOZ Streaming solves this challenge, providing the opportunity to trade VOZ data programmatically, whilst ensuring a range of benefits. There is an education role in moving this conversation forward, and Seven wants to be part of the solution to industrywide adoption of total screens planning, buying and measurement. 

3 key findings

from the research:  

Choose Phoenix

We announced the rollout of Phoenix, the world’s most advanced total TV trading system.

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