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In a crowded and hyper-competitive TV and digital landscape standing out is far from easy. Capturing attention is about finding content that isn’t run of the mill – not predictable, not phoned in, not the same as the others.

Seven House hosted a discussion with 7NEWS Spotlight’s Executive Producer Mark Llewellyn about finding stories that provide impact, drive change and enthral the audiences.

• Telling the other side of the story which at times can be controversial.
• Challenging common perceptions and mass media reporting.
• Daring to delve into topics that may make people feel uncomfortable, because the truth is often uncomfortable.
• Striking the balance between commercial sensitivities and pushing boundaries to attract attention to the content.
• Not being scared to take someone on if it’s for the right reasons.


Michael Usher

Presenter, Seven

Widely regarded as one of the country’s foremost broadcast journalists, Michael is an award-winning investigative reporter, foreign correspondent, and newsreader with a career spanning more than three decades.
Michael joined the Seven Network in October 2016 after a distinguished 25 years with Nine. He is called on to anchor the network’s national 7NEWS coverage of major breaking news and events, as well as host and interviewer of top-rating news programs 7NEWS Spotlight and The Latest, and co-anchor of 7NEWS Sydney on Fridays and Saturdays alongside Angela Cox.

Michael has covered some of the biggest news events in recent history including The Queen’s funeral from London, The King’s Coronation, the east coast flood disasters, the 9/11 attacks, terror bombings across Europe, Middle East conflicts, and the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. He has also reported from some of the most epic locations on earth including Mt Everest, the Galapagos Islands, Kokoda, and our amazing outback. An experienced war correspondent, Michael has also covered multiple conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He began his journalism career in regional WA, before making the move to Perth and then Sydney. He was a foreign correspondent for five years, based in Los Angeles and London. For eight years he travelled Australia and the world, as a reporter for 60 Minutes.

Last year, Michael and the 7NEWS Spotlight team earned the Kennedy Award for Excellence in Journalism for their bombshell investigation into the disappearance of con-woman Melissa Caddick, as her husband Anthony Koletti broke his silence.

Mark Llewellyn

Executive Producer – 7NEWS Spotlight, Seven

Mark Llewellyn is one of Australia’s most experienced journalists and documentary makers. At Nine he held various positions including Head of News and Current Affairs, and before that, ran A Current Affair and 60 Minutes. He was also an on-the-road reporter for many years including London correspondent for A Current Affair in the early 1990s. At Seven, Mark was a senior journalist at Witness, and set up Sunday Night and Murder Uncovered. He currently is Executive Producer of 7NEWS Spotlight.