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With a leading content strategy and digital Cricket and AFL rights only a season away, 7plus will only continue to grow audiences and viewing consumption. But we’re restless at Seven, we not simply waiting for that to happen.

You’ll hear how utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has moved 7plus from not only understanding what audiences watched on-demand yesterday, but to now accurately predicting what they will watch over the next 7 to 30 days.

In addition, a sneak peek into how democratising data and surfacing new audience insights across the 7plus business is connecting programming, digital marketing, and advertising sales.


Philip Mackertich

Enterprise Lead – Media & Entertainment, Databricks

Philip presently leads the Media & Entertainment vertical at Databricks Australia and is responsible for helping enterprise organisations in Generative AI, Machine Learning and harnessing the power of the Lakehouse. Philip’s experience spans 21 years across digital media, advertising technology, Cloud Computing and most recently in the AI/ML space. This unique blend of expertise in media and adtech, coupled with his deep involvement in the Cloud, AI, and ML domains, positions Philip as a forward-looking leader at the forefront of driving innovation in the convergence of technology and media.

Otto Li

Solutions Architect, Databricks

Otto is a Solutions Architect at Databricks with deep technical experience in Data, Machine Learning, and AI. He holds a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, with almost a decade of experience in Data Science and Advanced Analytics.

To date, he has advised numerous organizations on their data journey from both technical and strategic perspectives. He is an expert in unlocking the value of data across industries including digital natives, health, finance, government, and media.

Andrew Brain

Director of Audience Development & Growth

Andrew Brain is the Director of Audience Development and Growth at Seven. Responsible for the creation and development of SWM’s market-leading audience intelligence platform, 7REDiQ, which combines SWM’s first-party data of 13.5 million registered and addressable 7plus users with extensive second-party data partnerships. Andrew is now leading the AI/ML strategy that’s helping drive the transformation of traditional broadcast models to more data-driven and digital-first approaches when it comes to accurately predicting 7plus streaming audiences and viewing, for tomorrow and the next seven days.