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Proud helpers of Australian cricket

NRMA Insurance has been helping Australians since 1925, and in 2021 they launched their new brand positioning nationally.

The biggest change in NRMA Insurance’s history in almost 100 years would require finding a partner and stage worthy of their ambition of becoming Australia’s most helpful insurer.

When it comes to partnerships, there isn’t one more culturally significant than Test Cricket; one loved by all Australians. The perfect platform to reinforce the NRMA Insurance mission of becoming ‘Australia’s most helpful insurer’.

NRMA Insurance needed a meaningful role in the team. They stepped up to the crease to deliver their unique brand of HELP.

Behind every test superstar there is an unsung army of volunteers who helped get them there. These helpers are the life blood of the sport.

From kit carriers, score keepers, right through to the pitch staff in the MCG, we wanted to embody the spirit of these HELP-ers and turn our sponsorship in to a manifestation of that promise.


Seven was trusted exclusively to introduce NRMA Insurance’s new brand positioning to millions of Australians making HELP unmissable from every angle.

Increase association with NRMA Insurance HELPFUL positioning nationally by 3% and increase consideration amongst non-customers by 3%.

Demonstrate that NRMA Insurance was now a nationwide brand, delivering its unique brand positioning of HELP to all Australians.

Reinforce NRMA Insurance’s HELP positioning and increase consideration amongst non-customers by 3% in a mature market.


Fanatical or casual, to build cultural consideration and talkability for NRMA Insurance we needed to earn the attention of all fans.

The partnership was crafted at blistering pace. From inception of Cricket Australia deal agreement, to implementation in 8-12 weeks, leaving Seven and Initiative to implement a huge amount of meaningful pieces and integration broadcast delivered in just a few weeks’ time.

HELP is a unifying value that flows through all facets of the cricket community, from the elite and grassroots alike.

With a platform as wide ranging and unifying as ‘Proud Helpers of Australian Cricket’ NRMA Insurance needed a little HELP to get this important message out to all fans.

Many brands tap into sport, which often deliver strong value but don’t always drive fame.

We needed a two-pronged approach:

  1. Flipping the spotlight from NRMA Insurance to the HELPers of the game across the country
  2. Driving fame through an innovative demonstration of HELP

REAL stories, REAL impact on communities and REAL fame for NRMA Insurance.

7Cricket not only offers unrivalled scale - it’s also a platform for ‘good’ and meaningful storytelling through the lens of Cricket.

This is where the content magic happened. With the help of Initiative and NRMA Insurance we brought to life a series of incredible, emotive and diverse stories, integrating these tactically into Seven’s broadcast.

The stories of HELP celebrated the impact Cricket has on communities; like that of Eddie Gilbert; indigenous Cricketer from rural Cherbouerg QLD 270KM west of Brisbane home to 1500, and home to the Wakka Wakka people.

A pioneer of indigenous Cricket and the best remembered first nations bowler to play first-class cricket after he dismissed Don Bradman for a duck in his first over in a 1931 Sheffield Shield match. Sir Donald Bradman is quoted saying Gilbert was the fasted bowler he has ever faced. The only First Nations player of his time to play first class cricket, Eddie left a lasting legacy, inspiring the next generation to play and love Cricket and helping the community come together.

Through storytelling, NRMA Insurance would show up authentically and with relevance throughout Seven’s Test cricket broadcast.

To build on this foundation, integrated segments, crosses and updates showcased how NRMA Insurance were HELPing local communities. Across the Adelaide Test, NRMA Insurance donated $10 to Cricket communities for every single run Australia scored, with this message amplified through Seven’s broadcast.

To take this even further, 7Cricket’s own Greg Blewitt 'pitched in’ some help to raise even more cash for community Cricket encouraging fans to have crack at the NRMA Insurance ‘Pitch in’ for Community Cricket on-ground activation. Everyone was welcome from kids to adults.

Initiative uncovered a little known fact. One of Australia’s most watched games is also the most washed out. The Sydney Test.

In fact… 

  • 6-of-7 most recent test-matches were rain-interrupted.
  • The highest rate not just in Australia, but the world (yes, more than Manchester).

Initiative’s brilliant idea unlocked the most untapped media asset in the world, the rain TARP. This unique, distinctive asset meant that when the heavens opened, and odds were they would, NRMA Insurance was there to HELP protect the most valuable asset in the game, the pitch.

We painted the entire cricket broadcast blue to ensure NRMA Insurance was absolutely unmissable and unmisstakably a partner, embedding their association with Cricket.

To reinforce this equity, 7Cricket and NRMA Insurance provided viewers a chance to tangibly get more out of the broadcast. NRMA Insurance ‘Hawkeye’, provided viewers better match insights and analysis for our commentary team, while the NRAM Insurance ‘Drone Cam’ provided viewers best in class optics to enhance our viewing experience.

Overall NRMA Insurance helped 7Cricket facilitate a better broadcast product for fans, earning the right to be a HELPer of Cricket.

7Cricket spoke to all fan types, ensuring NRMA Insurance had Australia covered and gave back to fans in homes, on the ground and in communities.


In a maiden season, the team of Initiative and 7Cricket helped NRMA Insurance deliver a test series win!

When gameplay was washed-out we shifted commentary from cricket to the covers and social media flooded with fans praising NRMA Insurances ‘genius’ marketing move. NRMA Insurance commanded over 6.5 HOURS of coverage!

Simply brilliant

6 hours of UltraHD advertising between 10 minutes of cricket

Take-a-bow NRMA

Overall, HELP was literally everywhere… and fans felt it!

  • In year one the brand became third most recognised sponsor of Cricket, rivalling brands who had been in the game for 20+years.
  • One third of people could name NRMA Insurance as the main sponsor of cricket.
  • The branded stories of help were seen by over 500,000 people across the test series.

Bring on next Summer!

Partner Agency: Initiative

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