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Kellogg’s Coco Pops integration will make you smile


Coco Pops wants to inspire creativity outside the bowl and relate it to celebratory occasions and become famous for ‘smile and joy.’ Occasions are the perfect time to experiment and try new recipes.

Reshape the Kellogg’s brand perception in consumers mind from just a bowl of cereal in the morning to a day of family fun experimenting Coco Pops’ in new exciting recipes



New loyal consumer groups including families who enjoy the occasional treat and pre-families to recruit the next generation of families

Reignite the love of the brand to consumers who may not have purchased Coco Pops recently.




Using 7REDiQ (audience intelligence tool), we were able understand Coco Pops desired audience, and saw which key programs on 7plus highly indexed on family viewing.

By targeting the 7ACT Explorer to these programs, we were able reach the right audience who would view the ad and therefore be more likely to scan.

The Product


7ACT Explorer, an instream video ad product for CTV and linear, that has a QR code which drives a more direct path to conversion through a customized Kellogg’s microsite increasing time spent and engaging targeted viewers through their second screen – a experience that is not possible in a standard TVC placement.

The Creative

Kellogg's created an enticing TVC that we used to overlay a strong CTA and QR code throughout. This encourages viewers to take action through scanning the QR code, leading them to a customised microsite, creating an engaging second screen experience. The microsite housed links to 5 of Coco Pops' delicious recipes proving the brand can create smiles and joy outside the bowl.


Goal 1:
Direct viewers to microsite through 7ACT Explorer inspiring family viewers to try new recipes


►+2,700 scans

►+415% over Kerv scan rate benchmark

►Testament to creative execution and targeting the right audience

Goal 2:
Boost engagement and minutes spent on the microsite with core brand perceptions

►+7,500 interactions

►+15,000 extra minutes spent with the Kellogg’s brand through the microsite

Partner Agency: Zenith

Seven conducted a Brand Uplift Study to evaluate the campaign effectiveness including ad recall, brand perceptions and purchase intent.

Key findings

Results were most favourable among females, primary grocery buyers and the 25-54 year demographic.

► Those who could recall seeing the creatives responded even more positively than the overall exposed audience, indicating a strong creative execution in the right environment.

Brand lift

Lifting Coco Pops’ brand trust by 12% among the exposed audience, and 25% among those can recall either the 7ACT Explorer or FreezeFrame creative .

A highly enjoyable creative execution, proven effective in driving action.

► Making viewers 32% more likely to want to find out more about Coco Pops recipe ideas.

► Turning inspiration into action, lifting purchase intent by 12%.

Creative diagnostics

+8ppt ad recall

► Brand lift results (exposed vs control):

  • 15% enjoyment
  • 32% Inspiration
  • 26% Relevance
  • 12% Purchase Intent

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