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See how Fantastic Furniture cosied up with Farmer Wants A Wife


Tap into the territory of away from home and the ease it is in creating a new home with Fantastic Furniture, because “when it feels like home, it feels like you.”

Reach Fantastic Furniture’s audiences to drive core USP messaging.

Connect audiences with core Fantastic Furniture’s brand perceptions.

Move existing and new audiences down the purchase funnel to consider Fantastic Furniture, within a cluttered and competitive environment.


The platform where away from home, can become home

Farmer Wants A Wife provides the perfect, contextual Aussie platform for Fantastic Furniture to celebrate their core message that “when it feels like home, you feel like you”.

In front of the authentic backdrop of Aussie farms, it celebrates the journey of being away from home, for the chance to find happily ever after.

As the ladies take the chance to find love with a farmer, they look forward to creating a new life and home together – that just feels right, simple and easy with Fantastic Furniture.

Why digital and social touchpoints can help Fantastic Furniture reach, connect & move

Unrivalled and unmatched, the strength in digital and social touchpoints within the FWAW ecosystem provides Fantastic Furniture mass reach with niche 1:1 targeting to connect with the core audience, while delivering deeper brand story integration.

► FWAW Video On Demand (VOD) viewership continuing to dominate, experiencing a 16% increase in minutes streamed YOY (1.7x higher than competitor shows).

► FWAW driving mass 7plus viewing accounting for over 20% of total viewing among all 7plus content.

► FWAW social growth YOY driving +330% increase in Instagram engagements, and +138% increase in reach YOY, building loyal engaged fans who want more.

1:1 7REDiQ audience targeting to core segments, including the 35% of FWAW 7plus viewers who are frequent and high spenders on home furniture and furnishings (14% more than the general 7plus audience).


REACHED through viewing behaviours

Hijacked the strength of FWAW’s digital consumption along with Connected TV, to mass target the potential customer, with 1:1 capability.


Continued to reach potential customers, with strong brand frequency and cut through across all digital touchpoints, driving core USP messaging.


Utilised viewers’ remote controls, Fantastic Furniture effectively extended its reach to audiences via CTV, showcasing their range of Aussie-made products and demonstrating the ease of creating a home with them.

CONNECTED through the power of relatable voices.

FWAW strength is built on the relatability of the everyday farmers and ladies. Fantastic Furniture harnessed these relatable Aussie voices to connect viewers.


Showcased Fantastic Furniture’s role in creating a stylish love nest suited for both Farmer Andrew and Jess (lovebirds from last season). They invited viewers into the home they created, and shared their own design rules.


Fantastic Furniture’s owned assets spanning social media, EDM, web, and catalogue featured Farmer Paige from this season. She offered insights into crafting spaces that feel like home, while talking about core brand perceptions.

MOVED viewers closer to create their home

Transformed viewer inspiration into easy immediate action, empowering Aussies to create the home that makes them feel like themselves.


Turned the surge of inspiration into action, giving viewers the opportunity to transform their home with a $5,000 Fantastic Furniture Voucher, amplified across digital and social channels to target potential customers 1:1.


The competition allowed for Fantastic Furniture to concurrently expand their database, to retarget prospects moving them down the consideration funnel for future purchases.


Goal 1:
Drive uplifts in core Fantastic Furniture brand USP messaging among FWAW audiences. 


►+21pt uplift that Fantastic Furniture sells good quality, affordable and Aussie Made products.

►#1 brand in Australia seen to sell Aussie Made, with almost half of viewers aware Fantastic Furniture sells Aussie made.

Surpassing SWM (8.4pt) and Gemba (9.8pt) uplift benchmarks.

Goal 2:
Enjoy strong uplifts in core Fantastic Furniture brand perceptions. 


►Stylish +10pt uplift

►Quality +12pt uplift

►Reliable +10pt uplift

►Local +6pt uplift

Goal 3:
Move audiences down the purchase funnel getting them to consider Fantastic Furniture.

Fantastic Furniture has enjoyed the strongest brand consideration uplift (+9pt) in market, leapfrogging competitors becoming the second most considered brand.
Source: Gemba Brand Study 2022
Partner Agency: Bohemia
Creative Partner: 7RED Engine Creative

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