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Check out the biggest award-winning clanger of them all, with AAMI and the AFL


AAMI’s point of difference in a hard-fought, price driven insurance category has always been service, but with new competitors entering the market we needed to do even more to elevate this positioning.

Seven needed to help AAMI re-claim this status, whilst also unlocking AAMI’s long-term ambition of becoming a truly iconic Aussie brand.

AAMI’s partnership with the AFL and Seven’s coverage set the stage to carry out an epic stunt and truly showcase what “AAMI Does” and solidify AAMI’s brand position as a truly iconic Aussie brand.

We’re obsessed with AFL

But unlike the Superbowl, many brands were yet to truly unlock Australia’s biggest sporting event to connect with fans on-ground and in-home equally.

We recognised the potential to use Seven’s coverage of the AFL Grand Final to enhance AAMI’s brand stature and demonstrate how you can trust AAMI to come to your rescue when things go wrong.

Years embedding ‘Clangers’ equity in the 7AFL broadcast and our long-standing AFL partnership created a foundation of trust to ideate and deliver an execution of significant magnitude, which took 18 months from concept to fruition.


Working closely with OMD, the AFL, and AAMI on an incredible stunt that would see AAMI prevent the biggest ‘clanger’ of all, after the match ball delivery goes horrendously wrong.

No game has higher stakes than the Grand Final, and a Superbowl-style experience could position AAMI as one of the most iconic and trusted brands in Australia.

In a ‘stop-the-game’ moment just shy of the opening bounce we created an epic adventure that was both relevant and authentic to our long-standing ‘clangers’ platform and kickstarted a conversation that made AAMI central to the Grand Final.

The Grand Clanger Rescue

Provided AAMI a credible role, seeing AAMI celebrated by fans for saving the prestigious AFL Grand Final.
Live broadcast cut to a pre-filmed spot that appeared live, continuing the facade of the Grand Final match ball delivery.
Audiences watching at home or on screens in stadium were transported into thinking a ball-wielding skydiver is taken off course, landing in remote Northern Australia.

The Grand Final was in peril! Who would come to the rescue?

AAMI of course! From broadcast to the MCG, the execution was meticulously planned and delivered for maximum impact.

Travelling across Australia from as far as the Tiwi Islands we created an integration etched in AFL folklore, that saw 19 AFL champions deliver the ball to stadium, with help from the iconic AAMI women.

We showcased AFL as a national game, elevating AAMI to its iconic status. Playing at the intersection of what Aussies love about footy and AAMI’s service proposition.

After an epic journey and to the relief of fans, an AAMI woman triumphantly enters the ground to deliver the ball live.

The integration showed how AAMI’s superior service helps fans avoid a clanger in the biggest game of the year, on the biggest sporting stage, and in life more broadly.


The 90 second content integration captured the imagination of fans. AAMI achieved its goal of embracing the AFL Grand Final as Australia’s Superbowl.

AAMI became the talk of AFL fans, receiving 64% of sponsor mentions which was 121x the year prior.

Partner Agency: OMD

With fans connecting with the AAMI brand sharing their praise and saying;

Best footy ad I’ve seen

Absolutely brilliant,

fantastic tribute

AAMI did more in the commercial than the Swans in the GF

The best footy ad for a while, watch out SuperBowl

This single stunt delivered 64% brand recognition equivalent to 12 weeks of TV

  • 64%

    It outperformed all other AFL assets to drive brand closeness 

  • 65%

    2/3 of recall was positive, the remaining 29% neutral

  • 68%

    68% recalled AAMI, +13% above the benchmark

  • 57%

    Lifting perceptions of ‘worth paying more’ and ‘customer service’ 

Total broadcast sponsorship on Seven delivered an ROI of 766%

Who prevents the biggest clangers of all? 

Seven and

AAMI Does. 

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