7RED is a strategic cross-media unit that delivers insight-led, end to end marketing solutions. We are the thread that connects brands to the moments that move Australians across Seven West Media & beyond.

What is 7RED?

Our Guiding Principles

We know we have Australia’s most loved and trusted brands – 17.5 Million Australians engage with us every month.
Our focus is to harness that connection to drive results for each and every client.

7RED First

We don’t mind admitting that we like to win. It’s our mission to be your first choice so that as we build long term relationships, we win together.

7RED Best

In delivering ‘better’ we want to exceed expectations. Your best campaign, your best results, and by far, your best partner.

7RED Iconic

We connect brands with true Aussie icons – characters, talent, programs and moments that move us all.

7RED Bold

Attention is everything. To stand out you need the confidence to make bold decisions. And the bravery to stand by them.

7RED was the original and still is one of the best proven media integration teams in the country. From ideation to strategy, there is now so much more to offer. From 7RedEngine’s world-class creative, to the latest in data-powered insights and action from 7REDiQ. It’s marketing, media and business solutions at your fingertips. Quite simply, 7RED just works.

Kurt Burnette, Chief Revenue Officer

7REDiQ our audience intelligence tool enables us to better understand our audiences. It fuses multiple data sets together at an identity level, giving us a holistic view of how our audiences behave both online and offline. 7REDiQ helps our planning teams find your audiences inside our eco-system and unearth insights to drive deeper connections between brands and audiences. 7REDiQ is at the heart of the 7RED team, working better together to fuel your business growth.

Nicole Bence, Network Digital Sales Director

7RED is the thread that connects brands to the moments that matter across Seven West Media and beyond. We are insights led, results driven, and passionate about delivering meaningful connections for brands. In 2021 the biggest cultural moments are all on Seven and 7RED will seamlessly integrate your brand into these moments.

Katie Finney, Director 7RED
7RED Better Together

Better Engagement through Integration

There are certainly benefits for clients if we can integrate them within the format of the show. It’s proven to drive deeper engagement and sales.

7REDiQ is the audience intelligence to power your campaigns. Enabling us to create meaningful and valuable connections with our audiences, through a deep understanding of the cultural drivers that inspire them and the context in which they will best receive and resonate with the message. Get to know 7REDiQ offering.

What we know about our audiences from 7REDiQ

They’re tech enthusiasts with high app usage
41% of people who watched Big Brother on 7plus have a smart speaker device in their home.

They lead active and healthy lifestyles
SAS Australia are some of the most health conscious with 2.5 gym visits per week and known as ‘Fresh Foodies’ by Flybuys. They are the most likely to buy avocados, fresh herbs and berries.

Convenience is important to them
32% of Holey Moley audiences on 7plus have a QSR app on their device.

Better Results

7RED’s team of specialists in strategy, premium content, sport and campaign management work in partnership with your sales leads. 

Your objectives are ours too. We are committed to delivering on shared outcomes, striving for continuous improvement to ensure we consistently unlock growth for brands. Check out more client success stories in our 2021 Upfront Uncovered series.