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Changing viewing behaviours

Connected TV is on the rise as is content consumption and the viewer is now in complete control.

From a generational perspective, Gen Zs and Millennials are consuming more video content than any other demographic. 

VOZ provides all-screens, cross-platform planning, reporting and post-analysis for the Australian television industry, combining broadcast OzTAM and Regional TAM, with connected device and BVOD data from OzTAM’s VPM, providing a truly national picture so you can plan and optimise nationally. 

Combination of advanced targeting and ad innovation

The combination of our advanced targeting capabilities along with our investment to ad innovation drives powerful impact for advertisers.

Converged trading model

We have established the following guiding principles:
• We bring together the benefits of each model, without dilution
• We deliver effective reach at scale, while reversing inflationary pressure on the cost of that reach
• We enhance ROl and key brand metrics with ease of trade across planning, buying and measurement

This ensures we are seamlessly delivering effective campaigns to reach more Australians than ever before.

See our three-part video series below

Choose Phoenix

We announced the rollout of Phoenix, the world’s most advanced total TV trading system.

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