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Big Brother unlocking the Fried Side of Life with KFC

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Big Brother + KFC 2021


After a highly successful partnership between KFC and Big Brother in 2020, how do we not only unlock housemates Fried Side of Life – however Big Brother viewers too for Season 2?

  • Always be original
  • KFC brings the party
  • KFC celebrates the lovable larrikin


Bringing the Fried Side of Life inside and outside the Big Brother house. Deliver KFC within unexpected occasions and celebrations to unlock housemates and Aussie viewers’ free spirits.

  • Build desire – creating impactful unexpected mouth watering moments for housemates that gets Australia talking and craving KFC
  • Establish frequency extending food enjoyment beyond a moment, continuing to align to the Fried Side of Life
  • Facilitate the Free spirit, making it easy for Aussies to enjoy the Fried Side of Life – through a watch n’ win competition smashing benchmarks for entry by 5x


  • Established and maintained strong awareness and recall: +20% uplift in brand awareness maintained throughout the whole season.
  • Connected viewers with the core brand: +67% uplift across core brand attributes related to the Fried Side of Life
  • Drove action and influenced behaviour: +21% uplift in viewers ordering and enjoying KFC
  • Moved KFC to #1 QSR among viewers, with uplifts across visitation in store, online, and downloading the KFC app

“Once again 7Red and Big Brother raised the benchmark in sponsorship integration for KFC and the sponsorship delivered record results”

Kristi Woolrych, KFC Chief Marketing & Information Officer

Become Australia’s #1 non-alcoholic beverage

By Case Studies

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks + Cricket BBL 2020/21

Together, the Summer of Cricket and Bundaberg Brewed Drinks not only owned the Aussie Summer, but took it over.


Become Australia’s #1 non-alcoholic beverage.

  1. Own Australia and the Australian Spirit
  2. Own the occasion of Summer
  3. Celebrate an iconic Australian story and brand steeped in tradition across multiple generations.


Seven demonstrated how a true home-grown legend helps Aussies reconnect this summer. Seven and BBD are the perfect Summer companions.

Summer of Cricket: Immerse Bundaberg Brewed Drinks within Australia’s national sport and maximising reach, visibility and distinctiveness all season long.

  • In the presence of other Aussie legends, BBD stood front and centre. The Bundaberg Barrel was incorporated to drive bold unmissable exposure of BBD as Aussie legends chatted all things Cricket.
  • Helping to recognise BBL legends, the Bundaberg Best and Fairest contextually relevant creative drove commentator and audience engagement.
  • Aligning to legendary live moments, the Bundaberg Squeeze back brought BBD within live-in match moments.

Bundaberg Ginger beer wanted to own Australia’s Summer last year. With the team from Seven and the Summer of cricket – we didn’t just own it, we took over it

Penny Glasson, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Chief Marketing Officer


  • Goal 1: grow quicker than category
    • Bundaberg Brewed Drinks grew 3x faster than the category. Up +18% YOY
  • Goal 2: build brand awareness
    • +11% top of mind brand awareness growth uplift
  • Goal 3: grow purchase consideration
    • +26% purchase consideration uplift, now at 85%
  • Goal 4: shift ‘Australian’ brand attributes
    • Now rated #1 ‘Australian’ soft drink in the category

Collaboration at its finest

By Case Studies

Optus + The Voice 2021

How Optus were able to effectively strengthen brand recall and consideration by using powerful stories from The Voice that started with ‘yes’.


Following a strong Olympics & Paralympics campaign, Optus were looking to continue to strengthen their brand platform – It starts with yes.

The Voice was identified as a core program to reach target audiences (P25-54 with children living at home). Leading directly off the Games, it was key to maintain the brand’s momentum, while also being rich in moments of optimism and a platform that genuinely celebrates how we as a country are geared to make great things happen. After all, every journey on The Voice starts with ‘yes’.


Using program footage, 7RED created Integrated TVCs, Play Offs and 7plus digital assets that turned the powerful moments of ‘yes’ within The Voice into commercial content for Optus, taking brand collaborations and leveraging program IP to a whole new level. 

Incredibly, integrated TVC assets were delivered in record time, testament to the incredible stories that fit so perfectly, but also 7RED and Red Engine’s ability to create compelling content for partners, even under the shortest of deadlines.


Optus and 7RED were able to effectively use and leverage these key moments within The Voice to powerfully bring their brand idea to life.

  • +20pt higher recall on Integrated TVC (vs brand TVC average)

Using the real stories of our artists proved to be highly enjoyable and to viewers and helping to significantly shift consideration for key categories among core audience segments:

  • +12pt Mobile Consideration | 18pt family viewers | +21pt cross platform viewers
  • +15pt Broadband consideration | +23pt family viewers | +33pt cross platform viewers

SAS Australia drives Defender Growth

By Case Studies

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) + SAS Australia 2020

Challenge & Objectives

The Objective: Launch the new Defender reigniting Land Rovers heritage and rugged sense of adventure that made it famous.

The Challenge: SUV’s have become more family friendly and less work-like with their off-road ability rarely used; they’ve gone from a 4-wheel drive to the car for a family-of-4 drive.

Idea & Implementation

Prove the Defender has the off-road capability for the most extreme environment on Earth earning the confidence from the toughest adventurists. There was only one solution that could do just that: SAS Australia.

If the Defender can survive the pinnacle off-road environment characterised by rugged lands, off grid locations, and life/death situations wile meeting the rigid requirements placed on it by the toughest humans on Earth, the Defender is capable in any environment adventurists crave.

  • Simple but crucial role: the Defender was placed at the heart of SAS selection as the facilitator of every-on ground movement.
  • A tough test for some: the Defender critical involvement in the penultimate challenge demonstrated its off road capabilities
  • Making brand exposures unmissable: Every moment was captured and complimented with high impact assets reinforcing the Defender’s key brand attributes of capable, confident and tough.


  • Sales targets exceeded by 3 times during SAS Australia and 6 weeks after
  • Largest uplift in positive sentiment and awareness compared with all competitors
  • Consideration more than doubled surpassing the competitor average
  • +79% uplift of the Defender being the most capable SUV

Land Rover and SAS Australia

By Case Studies

Land Rover’s sponsorship with SAS Australia delivered effectiveness across all screens delivering real results across all objectives and metrics.


Reaching new audiences

Despite a strong level of current brand awareness, Land Rover reached a brand new audience.


Increase in brand recall

Strong brand and campaign messaging recall uplift across premium integrated assets.


Uplift in brand consideration

Consideration increased substantially, paired with a strong brand fit with SAS Australia.


Increased brand warmth

Strong uplift of Land Rover messaging for key brand attributes.

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Big Brother changed the game for KFC in 2020

By Case Studies
Big Brother

Who could forget the incredible KFC moments in Big Brother. Sales uplift beyond all expectations. Which is exactly what we expected!


Increased product awareness

Uplift in awareness for partner’s product and service amongst viewers.


High messaging recall

Recall of key partner messages from integrated creative amongst fans.


Huge uplift in brand consideration

Uplift in consideration for viewers who are ‘very likely’ to consider partner’s product and service.


Favourability increased

Viewers are more likely to have the partner brand as their favourite. ​

Toyota and YouFoodz with Farmer Wants a Wife

By Case Studies

Toyota partnered with Farmer Wants a Wife while we were in the pre-production phase of the program so were able to integrate not only the cars into the show, but amplify Toyota Programs and Events into natural and authentic storylines of the program.

That’s not the only way to get your brand closer to the moments that matter. YouFoodz partnered after the series had been filmed, so our recommendation for the campaign was to leverage the star power of host Nataile Gruzlewski. 

Increased impact

The impact the integrated Youfoodz TVC with Natalie Gruzlewski ​had against their non-integrated TVC.


Strong response rates

Response rate increase when assets where used to prime the viewer ahead of the integrated TVC. ​


Strongest response rates was enjoyed in content that was contextually relevant.​

High conversion and intent to purchase

Responses (website visits) completed a Youfoodz transaction. ​


26.2% of all responses were driven the same day as 7plus exposure, with 33% one day after, and 30.1% 2 days after. ​

Our integrated sponsorship of Farmer Wants a Wife set a new benchmark in terms of what we’re hoping to achieve from our partnerships as we continue to grow our business. The integration delivered exceptional results and had a big impact on our overall brand health as well as driving a considerable amount of traffic to our website. The insights and learnings we’ve uncovered via the TVSquared analysis have also been valuable in helping us learn what worked well, in addition to what we need to refine for the upcoming season to drive the best outcomes. We’re really excited about the next phase of our association with the programme and can’t wait to get started.

Simon Jarvis, CEO, YouFoodz


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