Case Studies

Land Rover and SAS Australia

By Case Studies

Land Rover’s sponsorship with SAS Australia delivered effectiveness across all screens delivering real results across all objectives and metrics.


Reaching new audiences

Despite a strong level of current brand awareness, Land Rover reached a brand new audience.


Increase in brand recall

Strong brand and campaign messaging recall uplift across premium integrated assets.


Uplift in brand consideration

Consideration increased substantially, paired with a strong brand fit with SAS Australia.


Increased brand warmth

Strong uplift of Land Rover messaging for key brand attributes.

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Big Brother changed the game for KFC in 2020

By Case Studies
Big Brother

Who could forget the incredible KFC moments in Big Brother. Sales uplift beyond all expectations. Which is exactly what we expected!


Increased product awareness

Uplift in awareness for partner’s product and service amongst viewers.


High messaging recall

Recall of key partner messages from integrated creative amongst fans.


Huge uplift in brand consideration

Uplift in consideration for viewers who are ‘very likely’ to consider partner’s product and service.


Favourability increased

Viewers are more likely to have the partner brand as their favourite. ​

Toyota and YouFoodz with Farmer Wants a Wife

By Case Studies

Toyota partnered with Farmer Wants a Wife while we were in the pre-production phase of the program so were able to integrate not only the cars into the show, but amplify Toyota Programs and Events into natural and authentic storylines of the program.

That’s not the only way to get your brand closer to the moments that matter. YouFoodz partnered after the series had been filmed, so our recommendation for the campaign was to leverage the star power of host Nataile Gruzlewski. 

Increased impact

The impact the integrated Youfoodz TVC with Natalie Gruzlewski ​had against their non-integrated TVC.


Strong response rates

Response rate increase when assets where used to prime the viewer ahead of the integrated TVC. ​


Strongest response rates was enjoyed in content that was contextually relevant.​

High conversion and intent to purchase

Responses (website visits) completed a Youfoodz transaction. ​


26.2% of all responses were driven the same day as 7plus exposure, with 33% one day after, and 30.1% 2 days after. ​

Our integrated sponsorship of Farmer Wants a Wife set a new benchmark in terms of what we’re hoping to achieve from our partnerships as we continue to grow our business. The integration delivered exceptional results and had a big impact on our overall brand health as well as driving a considerable amount of traffic to our website. The insights and learnings we’ve uncovered via the TVSquared analysis have also been valuable in helping us learn what worked well, in addition to what we need to refine for the upcoming season to drive the best outcomes. We’re really excited about the next phase of our association with the programme and can’t wait to get started.

Simon Jarvis, CEO, YouFoodz


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