It’s the playground favourite, supercharged

Everyone has a memory playing tag. Very few remember it quite like this.

Welcome to the Ultimate Tag arena: where high-octane thrills, spills and physically spectacular feats guaranteed to give you chills are par for the course. This is a game that takes the universally loved game we grew up with and flips it, and often its competitors, on their heads. 

Australians from all walks of life are set to put the pedal to the mettle, stepping up to the challenge against superhero Pro Taggers, who include some of the world’s most renowned parkour stars, sports champions, sprinters, gymnasts and martial arts pros determined to give whatever it takes to win.

The world’s fastest game takes place across six Heats, three Semi Finals and one epic Grand Final, and promises to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. 

Players must run, spin, dodge, tumble and dive their way around huge obstacle courses in the Ultimate Tag arena, with every course and run getting more intense and challenging. The courses – Survival Tag, Gravity Tag, Revenge Tag, The Wall, Stealth Tag, Dodge Tag, The Alley and The Vortex – are all designed to push Pro Taggers and Players to their absolute limits.

The last standing male and female Player will take home a life-changing $100,000 prize money as well as the title of Australia’s first Ultimate Tag Champion. 

Will anyone have what it takes to reign supreme in this supercharged contest?

Anchoring the series are hosts Matt Shirvington and Abbey Gelmi along with commentator Bill Woods, who will follow all the explosive action in the arena.  

Ultimate Tag is coming soon on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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