Face to Face with Clarissa Chun

By SEVEN, Seven West Media

In this months’ Face to Face, we catch up with Senior Sales Executive, Clarissa Chun in the Sydney office. She chats through her career to date, her inspirations and where’s next on her travel bucket list.

Q1. Tell us about your career journey so far?

I started my media career at Seven, a little over five years ago, in the Broadcast team as a Sales Coordinator. When we brought our digital offerings back in house, that’s when I moved over to the Digital Sales team where I learnt everything I could about video and online advertising and I’m now working across both broadcast and digital.

Q2. You recently moved from Digital to Broadcast, tell us about the transition and why you made the move?

The transition from Digital to Broadcast was quite smooth since I previously used work in the Broadcast team. I was already familiar with the language, software and system they used. The main reason why I decided to move is because it was an opportunity to work in the Convergent team in Central Sales and being able to use everything I’ve learnt at Seven in my new role. It has been great being able to have both Broadcast and Digital conversations with our clients/agencies and providing holistic solutions for their campaigns and businesses.

Q3. What are your most looking forward to from Seven’s upcoming content slate for 2022?

Big Brother! I’m a big lover of reality TV and Big Brother is one of my all-time favourites. I can’t wait to see the new housemates and what’s in store for the upcoming season.

Q4. Who inspires you?

Queen B (aka Beyonce)! She’s one of the most emblematic female figures in today’s world and how she empowers women is something I think is particularly inspirational. She puts her super stardom to good use, standing up for social issues like advocating for gender equality, as well as creating radical, well-written music.

Q5. When you aren’t working on exciting tentpoles, what are you getting up to?

Mostly eating, drinking and catching up with friends and family. I’ve also been reading quite a bit ever since I discovered BookTok/BookTube during lockdown (if anyone ever needs any book recommendations, go on TikTok or Youtube! I have no doubt you’ll find something there), and I’ve set myself a challenge this year to read 50 books this year – I’m currently finishing book #11.

Q6. Finally, now that international travel is back again. Where’s first on your list?

Cuba and Cartagena, Colombia! My husband and I were meant to go there for our honeymoon back in 2020, so hopefully we can get over there soon!

Face to Face with Amie Albergo

By SEVEN, Seven West Media

In this months’ Face to Face, we sit down with Partnerships Executive, Amie Albergo from Melbourne. Amie talks us through the exciting projects she’s working on and how her team are prepped and ready in the ever-changing media landscape.

Q1. Congratulations on your recent appointment as Partnership Executive! Could you give us a quick summary of what this new position entails…?

My position as a Partnership Executive is to work closely with a specific program/s. I get to work with all markets and clients on opportunities that will execute a successful partnership connecting their brand and our program seamlessly in line with their business objectives. Currently, SAS Australia and Dancing With The Stars: All Stars have been my recent focus. They’re just about to launch and I’m very much looking forward to watching them!

Q2. Tell us about your career journey so far and what’s your goal?

I have worked at Seven Network for six years now. I was initially hired as a Sales Coordinator and very quickly realised I wanted to step up, so I aimed for that. When I achieved the promotion to Sales Executive, I was fortunate enough to work across a very wide variety of Melbourne agencies and clients. Now, in a 7RED Partnership Executive role, it’s keeping my cup full especially with being new to the 7RED team. I’d like to learn much more and my goal is to gain as much experience and knowledge from the incredible people I work with and to grow.  I love the media industry; it’s constantly advancing with the times and encouraging us all to adapt!

Q3. As the media landscape constantly shifts and evolves, what do you think is the biggest challenge that the partnerships team must start preparing for?

As the media landscape shifts, we see clients moving their budgets across different platforms of advertising. This isn’t always permanent and can be to trial something new for them. I think it’s important that partnerships remain a big focus for brands as there is a proven cut-through and they hit mass audience on scale. With that movement, it does become challenging, however given the strength of a partnership the team welcome this and can adapt and compliment client’s objectives. We are constantly working on innovative and creative ways to partner with our clients.

Q4. What do you get up to in your spare time?

I have recently moved close to the coast and have since taken up surfing which is a newly found hobby. Let’s hope I keep it up during the freezing winter months!

Q5. Finally, favourite coffee shop in Melbourne?

I’m not the biggest coffee drinker, but I do enjoy a caramel latte from Vacation Coffee on Exhibition Street.

Face to Face with Andrew Brain

By SEVEN, Seven West Media

In this month’s Face to Face, we catch up with Andrew Brain, Director Audience Intelligence, located in Sydney. We dive into his predictions for the year ahead, his sporting highlights from the summer and his tips for staying positive during these ever-changing times.

Q1. What are your predictions for 2022?

Two words – ‘Consent’ and ‘Utility’. With 3rd party cookies soon to be a thing of the past, publishers with deterministic audience insights will have absolute focus from brands looking to find a ‘consented customer’ so they can sell a product or service. With ‘privacy’ being the battleground for big-tech platforms and the ACCC, publishers will need to find new innovative and valuable ways for audiences to hit ‘allow’ and give consent for publisher to access valuable data, and that value exchange comes from ‘utility’. If you look at banks and insurance companies, they’re delivering more consumer upside via rewards programs just for being an account or policy holder. They aren’t doing this for the goodness of their customer bases but it allows them to capture consent to your data and use it as part of their audience insight and modelling toolsets.

Q2. Your biggest highlight from the Summer of Sport on Seven?

As an Englishman – I’ll tell you one that was not a highlight… The Ashes! I’m burning it from my memory! As I do like a small punt on the weekend, I’d say the horse racing coverage across both New South Wales and Victoria has been top class. Not forgetting the other race that stops a nation, Bathurst 1000. The production team should be commended on the amazing camera work as the access a viewer gets to the drivers and teams when the race is underway is superb. I’m certainly no petrol head, but the science and the maths involved is mindboggling… honestly! (ok…nerd alert!).

Q3. What are your most looking forward to this year?

Our audience intelligence platform, 7REDiQ will be available for agencies to access themselves – to extract insights for them to plan, buy and measure their campaigns across Seven easily. Seven to again be #1.

Q4. The best way to switch off and unwind amidst the changing and uncertain COVID-environment?

Be active, stay healthy and connected to as many people as you can.

Q5. Favourite meal and why?

It’s hard to give a definitive answer here as I do love food. Saying that, anyone that knows me would say Brainy’s partial to a good Indian (Goat Curry) washed down with a Kingfisher lager! 

Face to Face with Tom Alver

By SEVEN, Seven West Media

In this weeks’ Face to Face, we chat to Tom Alver in the Sydney Sales team. We find out about his journey into the media industry and what content he’s most excited about coming to Seven’s screens in 2022.

Q1. Tell us about your career and where you were before Seven:

Prior to Seven, I started my media career at Southern Cross Austereo in 2018. It started from a chance work experience where I was taking listener calls on the breakfast shows and finding content from every day Aussies. Then, I landed my first gig in the promotions team in Radio for 2dayFM and TripleM. Shortly after, I moved into the TV side of the business working in Sales across Regional TV and learnt about all the places and brands I didn’t even know existed. Before dipping my toes into the media world, I had a long retail career in managing multiple fashion brands but I finally made the big change.

My three-and-a-half-year media career has been a big positive whirlwind so far with a great deal of exposure into the diverse world with only more to uncover and discover. Moving to Seven and representing TV advertising in Metro has been challenging but ultimately an invaluable experience.

Q2. What does a typical day look like in your role?

Day to day, I’m liaising with a variety of agencies and clients in helping brands maximise their potential through great audience stories and outcomes for all involved. I respond on exciting briefs and help launch new products into the market. I work closely with the strategy and digital team and watch them work their magic at bringing integrations to life. It’s been great to start learning how much work and creative thinking goes into these campaigns.

Q3. What’s been the biggest challenge for you and your favourite project that you’ve worked on this year?

Working on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been my highlight so far. It was great to be a part of such an iconic and historic sporting moment. With another year of Covid and lockdowns, there were many times I thought Tokyo 2020 wouldn’t happen. In the end I think it came at a great time, helping to bring inspiring stories to the forefront and bring the uplifting content we all needed.

My biggest challenge has been working from home. On one hand it’s been great to have the extra time but I do like having the separation between work and home life.

Q4. Seven’s content slate for 2022 is the biggest line-up yet, what are you most excited for?

I’m most excited for the new season of SAS. It’s the one show that I get absolutely hooked on! Which is pretty much me saying “I could never” on repeat. Of course, The Winter Olympics I’m even more keen for. What other time in your life do you all of the sudden have an interest in ice skating routines?

Q5. Finally, what do you get up to in your spare time?

In my spare time I try to play as much tennis as possible. I’m always finding my Zen at pretty places across Sydney and I’m frequently mastering cocktails at home. I am now the king of Margarita’s and Lychee Martini’s however the list goes on!

Face to Face with Tim Hunter


In this week’s Face to Face, we chat to Tim Hunter – Group Sales Manager. After enduring the world’s longest lockdown, Tim shares what he’ll be getting up to with his regained freedom and the sport events he’s most excited for. He also discusses how consumption of sport content is ever evolving and the new trends coming to market.

Q1. Tell us a bit about your journey so far working for Seven and starting your new role as Group Sales Manager in Melbourne:

Media was always an area that I found interesting and after graduating from university in 2015, I wasn’t entirely sure what my next step was going to be. I knew some people at Seven and heard that they were on the lookout for a new Sales Coordinator and was lucky enough to start my first ‘real job’! I spent around 2 and a half years as a Coordinator and then Sales Executive in the General Sales team which gave me a great understanding of the different team’s function within the Sales department.

For the last 3 and a half years I have been part of the Sport Sales team under the leadership of Tom Carroll and Josh Tanner. I get to work with a diverse portfolio of brands and agencies every day, helping them bring their marketing plans to life.

Q2. What does a typical day look like for you?

I think one of the great things about working in media is how there is no ‘typical’ day. Things are constantly moving and it’s rare that you’ll get two days that look the same. It certainly does challenge you; it requires strong organisational skills as well as the ability to work at pace, but it is definitely never boring!

Getting out and exercising as well as having a decent brekky before work is important because it sets me up to be able to deal with whatever the day throws at me!

Q3. Have you noticed any changes in viewing habits or the way people consume sports content?

Absolutely. There is no doubt that the way people consume their sport content has changed dramatically. While the ‘big event’ is still going to drive unparalleled reach and audiences, giving fans (and brands) different ways in is so important. Fans are no longer just watching sport, they are becoming so much more engaged and educated, and the role that media plays in this is paramount.

There is also a clear trend with people’s attention spans getting shorter and life getting busier. Having shorter form options is key to be able to cater to this and the evolution of standard highlight offerings to mini-matches have been a gamechanger.

Q4. What sport event are you most excited for in the coming year?

Working on Tokyo this year was an amazing experience. The numbers that the Games delivered across linear and BVOD was like nothing I had seen and the results for our partners were incredible. Getting the opportunity to work on a second Olympic Games, albeit a little bit colder, is something I am very excited about for 2022.

On a personal level, I’m a massive cricket fan and I can’t wait to be at the MCG on Boxing Day for the Ashes with 80,000+ cricket fans! After seeing the Dees break their Premiership drought I am also (senselessly) daring to dream that maybe the Saints can follow suit in 2022!

Q5. What’s the most creative ad campaign that you’ve seen this year and why?

I absolutely loved the Google ‘Helping you Help Them’ TVC that ran during the AFL. The AFL does a terrific job from an inclusion and diversity perspective and that creative encapsulated those themes perfectly. So sincere and genuine, an amazing 60 second piece!

Q6. Finally, what are you most looking forward to doing now that you’re out of lockdown?

I can’t wait to attend live sport which is something we have been starved of for so long. There aren’t many better things in life than the roar of MCG on Boxing Day or that feeling of Round 1 after being starved of AFL footy for all of summer. The nagging lockdowns have not been kind to my golf game either so I’m looking forward to getting a bit of continuity and driving down the handicap!

Face to Face with Olivia Russell


For September’s Face to Face, we chat with Olivia Russell, Programmatic Sales Manager in the Sydney office. After joining Seven just a month ago in the height of the lockdown, she’s already getting stuck in. Hear Olivia talk about what’s in store in her new position, predictions for future digital trends and what she’ll be doing when out of lockdown!

Q1. What made you want to join Seven?

BVOD is one of the fastest growing areas in digital and Seven is at the forefront. Seven has a phenomenal offering of interactive products, premium data partners such as Flybuys & Mastercard which can be activated across CTV, plus incredible content like the Olympics, The Voice and SAS Australia.

Q2. Tell us a bit about your role as Programmatic Sales Manager?

I’ll be working with the trading desks at a national level to ensure buyers are getting the best results for their clients and capitalising on Seven’s offering.

Q3. What are the similarities that you see between Audio & BVOD?

Both are incredibly fast paced and constantly changing environments. With the market demand growing exponentially YOY, both have had to adapt on the fly.

Q4. Do you have any predictions for future trends in the digital space?

Measurability is key and I believe we’re nearly there in regard to closing the loop between on and offline. Real world insights are paramount to measuring the success of advertising and with data partners such as Flybuys being able to report on the number of people who bought a product in store after seeing the ad on 7plus – we’re getting pretty close!

Q5. Who or what inspires you most?

Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark when she was 13, resulting in losing one of her arms. Bethany courageously got back into the water just 1 month later and she now surfs better than any of us! It’s a great example to never give up on your dreams no matter what life throws at you.

Q6. Finally, what does a day off look like for you (when not in lockdown!)?

Surfing, sunbaking, eating sushi and drinking spicy margs.

Face to Face with Chris Pearce


In this week’s Face to Face, Sales Executive Chris Pearce tells us about his break into the world of Sports sales, challenges within the industry and his ideal fantasy dinner party guests.

Q1. How did you break into Sports advertising?

When I started at Seven it’s fair to say live Sport was certainly a product that greatly interested me. Being an AFL fan, I remember seeing my first client in the broadcast and thought it was amazing that even on a local level we could integrate our clients into something as powerful as the AFL.  Subsequently, being able to become involved in other live, premium sporting broadcasts like cricket and now the Olympics is something pretty special.

Q2. What are you and your team in Perth working on right now?

Tokyo Olympics is at the forefront of all our dealings currently. This represents an exciting challenge on many fronts – the largest sporting event in the world and only once every 4 years.

A part from my day to day servicing of all my clients and agencies I am also responsible for all things Sport in the Perth market. This extends across all local assets. In the sporting category whilst most of our offerings lie in the broadcast / digital space, working closely with print allows me to not only learn about print assets but also provide additional revenue streams for sport in the business.

Sport is a huge driver in the premium space for the team. AFL, cricket and now Olympics provides us the opportunity to drive share and volume.

We have a strong story to tell in this market so from day to day it’s about making sure we are out in front of our agencies and clients talking about the power of our reach through TV, Digital and Print.

Together with our platforms and sporting opportunities, it puts us in a unique and advantageous position. We reach over 91% of West Australians which gives us the ability to truly engage with Western Australia.
Currently the team is in numerous conversations in market over all our assets in all things Olympics and there are exciting times ahead.

Q3. Are there any challenges you’re seeing in the sports industry?

Sports rights in general is an interesting space. There are so many ways consumers can access sport these days. Having the sole rights to the Olympics including digital is an exciting opportunity and hopefully paves the way in the streaming space for us with other sport down the track.

Q4. What’s the most creative campaign that you’ve seen this year and why?

I really love the Bruce creative for Macca’s in the footy .., its clever, simple and funny and features the great man!

Q5. Who would be your ideal fantasy dinner party guests?

Might seem weird coming from a West Aussie AFL man but I love Matty Johns and his shows/podcasts… very funny man. Dave Chappelle for humour again and Steve Waugh to level things up a little.

Q6. How do you switch off from work?

Go in to a closed sound proof office and crank Metallica..
No, I love running, clears the head for me.. I try and get out as often as I can

Q7. Lastly, gym or gin?

My work mates will sledge if I say gym… so gin.

Face to Face with Rachael Everett


In this weeks Face to Face, Rachael Everett tells us about her career to date, TV shows she’s bingeing on and how she became a cheerleader for the Sapphires.

Q1. Tell us about your journey into the media industry…

My journey into the media industry started when I was studying my Bachelor of Entertainment Industries at QUT back in Brissie. During my time there I got the chance to intern at Queensland Rugby League, presenting and producing a small show called ‘Living League’ with segments being posted onto their website and social media, and worked at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games as a Floor Manager for the Gymnastics event.

After graduating in 2018, it took me a while to land my first job in the industry however Seven decided to take a chance on me and I moved down to Sydney in April 2019 to start my first role as a Sales Coordinator. I’ll be coming onto two years on 29th April and I can definitely say it’s been a wild ride thus far.

Q2. What do you enjoy most about working at Seven?

What I most enjoy about working at Seven would be learning about all the behind the scenes action that takes place. From the programming to the client integrations, there is so much that goes on that doesn’t usually gets shown when bringing everything to life and witnessing that has been the best part about working here.

Q3. What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on during your time here?

I would say the most exciting project I got to work on thus far was selling the AFL Grand Final back in 2019 when the GWS Giants were making their first appearance in the big dance. The sales floor was absolutely buzzing with deals to get as many clients possible to be a part of the action and we had the GWS Giants theme song playing to shout out any wins we had during the lead up.

I’m very much looking forward to the Olympics this year. To feel that excitement again this time on a much larger scale, cheering on our Aussies to get as many Gold medals as they can and get as many clients a part of the action as possible.

Q4. Are there any ad campaigns (any format) you’ve seen recently that have particularly stood out to you and why?

The MLA Summer Lamb Ad for this year I thought was very clever. Now that hopefully all the border closure wars are behind us, we can finally start looking back and laughing about what we had to go through during COVID last year. After all, the best medicine is laughter don’t you think!

Q5. A little birdy told us that you’re a cheerleader. How did that come about? Tell us more!

I grew up dancing from the age of three. Fun fact, I actually got the top mark in the state of Queensland back in 2016 for my Grade 8 CSTD Theatrical & Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) Exam and I also currently hold a Teacher’s Certificate in CSTD Jazz.

When I was 14, I took part in the Broncos Junior Cheer Squad (when they had one) and absolutely loved it. So, when I moved to Sydney, I was looking for something I could do to keep me fit and not cost a lot of money doing it. That’s when I thought about joining another NRL Cheer Squad to do just that, plus I get a free game of NRL nearly every week. I’m an avid NRL fan so to get the chance to be near the game in this capacity is the best experience you could ask for.

I auditioned for the Sapphires (Cheerleaders for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs) back in January 2020, right before the world went mad and after four hours and running well into the night, I got in! I’m currently in my 2nd year now and am considered a veteran and loving every minute of it. I managed to get on TV very briefly back in round two of this year when they were showing the Doggies run out (my starring moment if I say so myself).

Q6. What TV show are you currently binging on?

I’m currently re-watching ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ for the 10th time but I did love Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. I sat and watched all two seasons in a weekend.

My other binge worthy shows include ‘The Office (US)’ and ‘Friends’ as well as watching ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ weekly ‘cause yes, I love my musicals.

Q7. Finally, what does a day off look like for you?

When I can, I like to go home to Brisbane and catch up with my friends and family up there.

If I don’t have the time (or budget) to fly home I’ll either usually use the day to catch up on my adulting jobs like cleaning and food prepping with a bit of couch relaxation time or I’ll use the opportunity to go out and about with friends and continue to explore Sydney and make the most of living here!

Face to Face with Jessica Britten and Sally Welsh


With Mother’s Day approaching Sunday, we’re keen to shine the light on amazing working mums! In this weeks’ Face to Face, we chat with Jessica Britten and Sally Welsh who job share the role of Group Sales Manager in the Melbourne office.

Q1. How did you both get into the advertising industry and specifically Sales?

JESS: My first job in advertising was at Seven in 2007 as a Sales Coordinator and I have worked in media sales ever since. This is my second stint at Seven after 6 years in the UK but what I love about sales is that no two days are the same and there’s never a dull moment!

SALLY:  I recently joined Seven from 12 years at a media agency, and I’m enjoying the new challenge that sales brings. I have worked with the team at Seven across my career and it’s exciting to be part of the business during this period of change and growth.

Q2. Tell us a about you how the job share opportunity came about and how do you make it a seamless transition when handing over?

JESS: I feel very fortunate to have been giving the job share opportunity by Seven when I returned to Australia 3 years ago.  The best part is that it has enabled me to continue my career whilst still spending time with my young family.  I’ve now job shared on and off for 3 years, in between having my second child.  The most important thing when sharing a role, I’ve found is communication is key, given the nature of our jobs we’re constantly handover so finding ways to do this quickly and efficiently is important.

SALLY: I’m a huge advocate of job-sharing for working parents, it’s a win/win for employee and the employer who gain 20+ years media industry experience from Jess & I.

Jess and I share a morning in the office each week where we do a handover, schedule key client meetings and team WIPS. We’ve found constantly updating Trello (an online shared To-Do list) as a useful tool. The success of a job-share comes down to solid communication as we are both committed to our clients having a positive job- share experience.

Q3. What is your favourite part of the job and why?

JESS: I love the diversity of the role and the great group of people I’m lucky enough to work with, the team nature of Seven is really important to me.  In addition, the ever evolving nature of the industry we work in that keeps the role fresh and interesting but also exciting! Working on big Sporting events and new programs for clients that provide integrated marketing solutions that help solves business challenges is also very satisfying.

SALLY: I thrive off helping clients achieve business and marketing objectives through effective media campaigns. I have seen in my time at an agency the significant positive impact FTA TV can have on brand metrics and hearing this feedback is satisfying.

Q4. What is the most important piece of advice you have for mothers who are pursuing a career?

JESS: To be super organised, flexible and accept that you’re not superhuman.  

SALLY:  Be present, leave the guilt at the door. When I’m at work I try to be as present as I can be with my team, my clients. And I commit to the same focus when at home with my 2 boys.

Q5. Anything that you’ve learnt along the way that you hope to pass on to your children?

JESS:  Be kind and respectful to everyone you meet and treat them the way you want to be treated.  Manners are super important from the moment you can talk and for the rest of your life.

SALLY: That’s a big question – They are still young so at the moment so at the moment I am starting small and instilling into them the importance of ‘Be Safe, Be Kind’.

Q6. Lastly, what are you doing to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

JESS:  I was pleasantly surprised that my 4-year-old knew it was Mother’s Day this weekend so I’m looking forward to afternoon tea at his kinder and then I’ll probably see my mother-in-law and have my mum over for dinner at our house! Basically, a big family day, that will be exhausting but lovely 😊

SALLY: Nothing crazy, hopefully breakfast in bed and a day off making decisions! I’ll be down the coast celebrating the day with my mum as well as my own family. Mother’s Day is also ‘Nannas Day’ in our family and it’s a perfect opportunity to thank my mum for everything she does for me, including picking my son up from school so I can work! Working mums needs all the help they can!

Face to Face with Joshua Tanner


In this weeks’ Face to Face, Joshua Tanner from the Melbourne office opens up about juggling family life during lockdown, how viewer behaviour is changing in the way sports content is consumed and what he’s most excited for in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Q1. How did you venture into the world of Sport sales?

Sport has always been my passion and this led me to a Sports Marketing course at Uni.  When I finished the course, I was lucky to have a family friend who was EA to the Melbourne Sales Director now Head of 7SPORT (nepotism at its best). It was a case of right place, right time and Adam Elliott who was running sport at the time needed some support and signed me up to book spots and billboards into the old NTS system back in May of 2005. Here I am, 16 years later and still loving it.

Q2. Tell us a about a typical working day for you.

A tricky one to answer as there is a lot of variety to my role, which is why I enjoy it so much.

The week usually kicks off listening to Tim Hunter talk at volume about how good or bad the Saints were on the weekend, then we delve into a lot of analysis of weekend sport ratings, inventory analysis and reporting for the purpose of developing sales strategies and market comms to our sponsors/clients.

There is typically a handful of presentations to clients which at the moment is a mixture of AFL integration pitches, Tokyo Olympics opportunities and soon to be Ashes Cricket & Winters Sponsors opportunities.

A lot of time is spent workshopping solutions with the Sport Sales team, Production team and 7Red Campaign Team.  The constant dance of finding an angle whether it be via inventory or in-program idea to make our partners feel like they are valued and to ultimately build their brand and sell their product.

I also regularly work on building relationships with our sporting body partners at the AFL and Racing who we collaborate with on co-partner and are important to our success.  Often this happens at a major sporting event or two which is a nice part of the job.

Q3. If you could give your 20 year old self a piece of advice, what would it be?

Buy Bitcoin early.

More importantly though, respect every person you deal with and be authentic in your approach.

Q4. You experienced one of the lengthiest lockdowns in Australia being based in Melbourne, what was the biggest challenge and how did you stay motivated?

Biggest challenge was finding ways to manage the high workload that came with an ever-changing AFL season with trying to support my amazing wife who was attempting to run a primary school and kindergarten in our living room for our 4 young kids.  I became a part-time PE Teacher! Some interesting times indeed, but I also have very fond memories. During this time, I witnessed and learnt more about my kids than ever. They were my motivation pushing me to dominate my Seven duties so I could be present with them when they needed me.

Q5. Are there any trends you’re noticing with audience behaviour or different viewing habits in the way that they consume live sport or sports content?

Covid 19 expedited the growth and scale of audiences streaming sport and seeking out more social/sport doco style content. Fans were desperate to delve deeper with their passions and feel connected to sport which gave them a taste of normal.  Whilst Seven has some rights limitations with some of our sports in the streaming space it also bodes well for future growth into the areas we do like Supercars, Horse Racing, AFLW and the Olympics. Also, the opportunity to develop a new flavour with new social shows and content allows us to engage our sport fans in different ways with new opportunities for brands.

Q6. We’ve heard your quite the AFL fan, who is your team?

I’m a proud North Melb Kangaroos member (There aren’t many of us). The whole family are Roos as my Dad was fortunate enough to be a premiership player with the Kangas back in 1977. North are a long way last at the moment, however I did enjoy a successful era in the 90’s when I was lucky enough to be at the MCG to witness two premierships.

Q7. What sport are you most excited to watch in the upcoming Olympics?

I love watching the High Jump and Javelin as they were events I loved to do back in High School.  Other than this the BMX is a great watch as its fast and physical.  Favourite team to watch will be the Matildas led by Sam Kerr who is an absolute jet. Curious to catch Speed Climbing as well as it looks very cool.  I’ll be watching it all!!


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