Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) + SAS Australia 2020

Challenge & Objectives

The Objective: Launch the new Defender reigniting Land Rovers heritage and rugged sense of adventure that made it famous.

The Challenge: SUV’s have become more family friendly and less work-like with their off-road ability rarely used; they’ve gone from a 4-wheel drive to the car for a family-of-4 drive.

Idea & Implementation

Prove the Defender has the off-road capability for the most extreme environment on Earth earning the confidence from the toughest adventurists. There was only one solution that could do just that: SAS Australia.

If the Defender can survive the pinnacle off-road environment characterised by rugged lands, off grid locations, and life/death situations wile meeting the rigid requirements placed on it by the toughest humans on Earth, the Defender is capable in any environment adventurists crave.

  • Simple but crucial role: the Defender was placed at the heart of SAS selection as the facilitator of every-on ground movement.
  • A tough test for some: the Defender critical involvement in the penultimate challenge demonstrated its off road capabilities
  • Making brand exposures unmissable: Every moment was captured and complimented with high impact assets reinforcing the Defender’s key brand attributes of capable, confident and tough.


  • Sales targets exceeded by 3 times during SAS Australia and 6 weeks after
  • Largest uplift in positive sentiment and awareness compared with all competitors
  • Consideration more than doubled surpassing the competitor average
  • +79% uplift of the Defender being the most capable SUV


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