World premiere of Heartbreak Island Australia is almost here

Get out your dating dictionary as Heartbreak Island Australia premieres Thursday, 4 August exclusively on 7plus.

Hosted by Clinton Randell, Australians will be the first in the world to witness all the hook-ups and bust-ups from the island, with new episodes dropping every Thursday for free on 7plus. 

Who will fall in love, and who will never want to see their partner again? 

The Heartbreakers ready to risk it all for romance are:

  • Amber Yee, 25: Bar manager, Australia
  • Alexandra Carter, 21: Bar manager, Australia
  • Kacey Watson, 23: Social media manager and personal trainer, Australia
  • Tiarne Butler, 28: Hair salon coordinator, Australia
  • Jake Spinner, 26: Tradesman, Australia
  • Bailey Neate, 22: Plumbing apprentice, Australia
  • Maiata Boxer, 20 Professional dancer, New Zealand
  • Ashleigh Williams, 25: Model and actress, New Zealand
  • Milly Forbes, 24: Criminology student and preschool teacher, New Zealand
  • Manaaki Hoepo, 21: Sociology and performing arts student, New Zealand
  • Mez Tekeste, 29: Singer-songwriter, New Zealand
  • Kieran Hickey, 24: Postman, the UK
  • Max Batchelor, 21: Professional footballer, the UK
  • Holly Barnes, 20: Media manager and stylist, the US
  • Shamar Sinegal, 21: Chiropractic student and security guard, the US
  • Chris Burgoon, 25: Real estate agent, the US

Heartbreak Island Australia

Premieres Thursday, 4 August exclusive to 7plus

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