Having worked at Seven for over 11 years, Group Sales Manager, Kirsten Matthews shares what she enjoys most about working with Seven and gives advice to those starting out in media sales.

Q1. You’ve had quite the tenure at Seven – working your way up from a Sales Coordinator to a Group Sales Manager over 11 years. What is it about Seven that makes you such an advocate? 

Definitely the people. The personalities, talent and experience we have within the business creates an environment where you’re always learning. Joining Seven as a Sales Coordinator was my first job in media and I had a lot to learn, especially to be able to progress over the last decade. That wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t offered opportunities to learn, if I didn’t have the talent to teach me, or if I didn’t have the support from my team. Over the years I had many managers who were supportive and encouraging of my advancement, and I like that I get to repay that now as a GSM.

Q2. If you could give yourself some advice when starting out in media sales, what words of wisdom would you share?

Start investing in your development immediately. There are so many learning and development opportunities available within the industry that will not only give you context of your role within the bigger picture, but it will help you build relationships with other media folk. I’ve had the opportunity to work across several different agencies and clients, and a lot of my current relationships date back to when I was a coordinator. 

Q3. As a people leader, what does positive team culture mean to you? 

To me, it’s where the team are happy, motivated and inspired. It’s important our people feel empowered to do their jobs, make decisions, given opportunities to learn and grow, understand their KPIs and are supported. With culture, I believe you only get as good as you give and everyone has something to offer, so I try to encourage my team to think about what their personal contribution is.

Q4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

My mum’s Spaghetti Bolognese. Anybody who tries her spaghetti always asks for the recipe which in true mum style, reads “a pinch of this, a dash of that”, and never tastes the same when I make it.

Q5. Who inspires you most?

My parents! My mum is patient and positive and kind. Her first thought is always about other people. My dad is clever, serious and the most responsible person I know. I’m pretty proud to be their daughter, so I live my life trying to make them proud.


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