In this month’s Face to Face, we catch up with Andrew Brain, Director Audience Intelligence, located in Sydney. We dive into his predictions for the year ahead, his sporting highlights from the summer and his tips for staying positive during these ever-changing times.

Q1. What are your predictions for 2022?

Two words – ‘Consent’ and ‘Utility’. With 3rd party cookies soon to be a thing of the past, publishers with deterministic audience insights will have absolute focus from brands looking to find a ‘consented customer’ so they can sell a product or service. With ‘privacy’ being the battleground for big-tech platforms and the ACCC, publishers will need to find new innovative and valuable ways for audiences to hit ‘allow’ and give consent for publisher to access valuable data, and that value exchange comes from ‘utility’. If you look at banks and insurance companies, they’re delivering more consumer upside via rewards programs just for being an account or policy holder. They aren’t doing this for the goodness of their customer bases but it allows them to capture consent to your data and use it as part of their audience insight and modelling toolsets.

Q2. Your biggest highlight from the Summer of Sport on Seven?

As an Englishman – I’ll tell you one that was not a highlight… The Ashes! I’m burning it from my memory! As I do like a small punt on the weekend, I’d say the horse racing coverage across both New South Wales and Victoria has been top class. Not forgetting the other race that stops a nation, Bathurst 1000. The production team should be commended on the amazing camera work as the access a viewer gets to the drivers and teams when the race is underway is superb. I’m certainly no petrol head, but the science and the maths involved is mindboggling… honestly! (ok…nerd alert!).

Q3. What are your most looking forward to this year?

Our audience intelligence platform, 7REDiQ will be available for agencies to access themselves – to extract insights for them to plan, buy and measure their campaigns across Seven easily. Seven to again be #1.

Q4. The best way to switch off and unwind amidst the changing and uncertain COVID-environment?

Be active, stay healthy and connected to as many people as you can.

Q5. Favourite meal and why?

It’s hard to give a definitive answer here as I do love food. Saying that, anyone that knows me would say Brainy’s partial to a good Indian (Goat Curry) washed down with a Kingfisher lager! 


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