Seven West Media implement Magnite’s new ad solution for CTV

By 7plus, Seven West Media

7plus are driving further innovation in the BVOD market with bold new moves – including testing underway of Magnite’s (a leading Programmatic technology) Universal Decisioning solution which will allow all advertisers (Programmatic & Direct) improved access to all our growing addressable audience. In addition to this, new rules on placements will ensure advertisers receive the most impactful spread of their impressions across the stream regardless of how they buy.

Magnite has been a long-trusted partner and has a history of delivering innovative solutions to support our continued growth.

We look forward to continuing that partnership with the use of the Unified Decisioning across our BVOD business.

Luke Smith, Head of Programmatic Sales at Seven West Media

Initial results are encouraging and we’re looking forward to bringing more improvements to advertisers so they can connect to our audience more effectively and with greater impact.

7plus hits Super Bowl live-streaming record


Super Bowl LV beats tennis

Sports fans flocked to witness NFL legend Tom Brady claim a record seventh Super Bowl ring yesterday, with the Seven Network’s live and free coverage of Super Bowl LV reaching 1.5 million people nationally.

Seven’s full coverage of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, which included the halftime show headlined by The Weeknd, reached 1.07 million viewers in the capital cities.

7plus’ live stream of America’s biggest sporting event smashed the Super Bowl record, recording 7.7 million minutes, up 29% on last year’s previous highest figure. It was the #1 live streamed program yesterday.

An average capital city audience of 279,000 tuned in across Seven’s coverage of the match, up 5% on last year’s Super Bowl audience and 34% more people than the audience for Nine’s coverage of the day session of the Australian Open. Nationally, Seven’s coverage drew 383,000 viewers, or 29% more than the Australian Open.

Source: Source: OzTAM (Metro Broadcast, National BVOD), RegionalTAM (Comb. Agg Markets). 8 Feb, 2021. Super Bowl LV: Buccaneers v Chiefs. Average audience. Network National Reach Estimate based on Metro + Regional for minimum of 1 consecutive seconds of program viewed on Seven Network. Live Streaming Minutes 2020 & 2021 includes co-viewing, 2018 & 2019 excludes co-viewing. Data: Overnight (Preliminary 8/2/2021)

Seven and 7plus seize summer

By 7plus, SEVEN

#1 in prime time, all day and BVOD

The winning combination of 7NEWS, Sunrise, Test cricket and Australia’s newest smash hit family entertainment show – Holey Moley – saw Seven Network take the #1 spot across summer.

With the 2021 “official” ratings kicking off, the summer audience numbers reveal Seven took the crown in prime time with a total people network commercial share of 36.9%, ahead of Nine Network on 36.2% and Network 10 on 26.9%. Seven was also #1 in 16 to 39s and grew its audience share in that age group by 1.8 points over the summer months.

From 6.00am to midnight, Seven scored a total people commercial share of 40.3%, ahead of Nine on 35.8% and 10 on 23.9%, and ranked #1 in 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s.

7NEWS at 6.00pm had an average national audience of 1.39 million across the summer, compared with Nine News’ 1.1 million. Sunrise’s national audience of 442,000 put it well ahead of Nine’s Today (291,000).

Across the summer, 7plus was the #1 commercial free to air BVOD service, securing a share of 40.6%, ahead of 9Now on 40.2% and 10play on 19.2%. 7plus’ growth far outstripped the competition, growing viewership 49% year-on-year, compared to 35% for 10play and just 4% for 9Now.

Across the day, from Sunrise at breakfast through to 7NEWS in the evening and into prime time, we owned summer TV.

7NEWS, Sunrise and The Morning Show kept viewers informed and engaged, while the Australia-India Test series kept them on the edge of their seats.

Our success over summer gave us a great platform to launch our 2021 prime time content line up. That kicked off with Holey Moley, which was an out-of-the-box hit this week, delivering an average national audience of 1.18 million, huge year-on-year timeslot growth and sweeping all key age groups. Its first three episodes helped secure us the week, including wins in all key age groups.

We’re fully loaded and ready to go for 2021, with the biggest and best prime time content including Ultimate Tag, Big Brother, Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, Farmer Wants A Wife, The Voice and SAS Australia; the best sport with the AFL, Supercars and of course the Tokyo Summer Olympics; and constant hits including 7NEWS, Sunrise, The Chase, The Morning Show, Home and Away and Better Homes and Gardens.

Angus Ross, Seven’s Director of Network Programming

The success and growth year-on-year of 7NEWS,, Sunrise, Holey Moley and other great content over the summer months is the perfect start to the year for Seven and 7plus.

Our entertainment line-up for 2021 for Seven and 7plus is the freshest and most disruptive content slate we have ever created. It has been developed and acquired to ensure we maintain the audience growth and momentum from the second half of 2020 in the key demographic of 25 to 54.

Our sport content will be the largest marketing platform ever created across broadcast and digital, including what will be the most watched event in the past 20 years – the Tokyo Summer Olympics in July and August – the 2021 AFL Premiership Season, horse racing and Supercars.

Seven will help bring brands closer to and integrated in the largest and most anticipated cultural moments of 2021. We will also offer the most comprehensive and exciting data opportunities in market, supported by new innovations to drive enhanced viewer and advertiser engagement.

Kurt Burnette, Seven West Media Chief Revenue Officer

Source: OzTAM (Metro Broadcast, National BVOD), RegionalTAM (Comb. Agg Markets). Summer 2020/21: 29/11/2020-6/2/2021. Summer 2019/20: 1/12/2019-8/2/2020. National: Metro + Regional. Overall: 0600-2400, Primetime: 1800-2400. Metro Broadcast Commercial Network Shares. National BVOD (Live + VOD) CFTA Shares (24 hour day). 6pm News (Seven/Nine M-F 1800-1830), Sunrise/Today (Seven/Nine M-F 0700-0900). Holey Moley Australia: 1-3/2/2021 broadcasts national average overnight audience, excludes encores/repeats.

Australia’s #1 commercial BVOD platform of 2020 #7plus is set to soar in 2021

By 7plus

The Seven Network’s market-leading 7plus platform today confirmed its dominance of the commercial free-to-air BVOD sector.

Across 2020, 7plus ranked #1 with a 41.9% share of total commercial free-to-air BVOD viewership. 9Now was second with a 41.1% share and 10play a distant third with 17%.

7plus secured an even larger lead in on-demand viewership with a 42.5% share, more than three points ahead of 9Now (39.4%) and over 24 points ahead of 10play (18.1%).

Seven’s platform was #1 in key advertiser demographics across the year, including 25 to 54s, taking a 41.8% share in that age group in the capital cities.

During 2020, 7plus increased its total viewership by a remarkable 76%, more than double the market’s total growth rate of 35%.

Seven West Media Chief Digital Officer, Gereurd Roberts, said the success of 7plus reflected the power of Seven’s overall content strategy, which is clearly delivering what audiences want and giving the company a clear point of difference.

The extraordinary growth of 7plus in 2020 is a testament to our successful content strategy. Across the year, audiences were drawn to 7plus by both our prime time content and our library of exclusive and classic content. Big Brother, Farmer Wants A Wife, SAS Australia and Home and Away [the #1 program on 7plus] led the way with their prime time strength, with exclusives and classic content including Station 19, Ally McBeal and Blue Heelers keeping audiences engaged and giving us a competitive advantage.

Across the year, we continually enhanced the 7plus viewing experience, creating a superior environment for our audiences and delivering fantastic results for our partners,

Forget what our rivals might claim: the official, industry-standard OzTAM data clearly shows that 7plus was #1 in 2020. We are determined to repeat that great result in 2021.

This year, 7plus will capitalise on its growth in 2020 by offering the best content line-up in its history – including the biggest sporting event in the world.
This year is going to be our biggest ever. We have a very strong slate of prime time tentpoles across the entire calendar year, teeing off with Holey Moley in just a couple of weeks and continuing with big shows such as Big Brother, The Voice, Ultimate Tag, Farmer Wants A Wife, SAS Australia, Dancing With The Stars: All Stars and many more.

Add to that our unbeatable sports offering – including Supercars for the first time on 7plus – Home and Away, 7NEWS, Sunrise, The Morning Show, Better Homes and Gardens and The Chase, and it’s clear that we are set for a big year.

The high point for 7plus in 2021 will be the Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympics, when we will offer a digital experience that will far exceed anything Australians have seen before. Tokyo is set to be the biggest digital event in Australian media history and will take 7plus to an even higher level.

Gereurd Roberts, Seven West Media Chief Digital Officer
Gereurd Roberts, Seven West Media Chief Digital Officer
Nicole Bence, Seven West Media Network Digital Sales Director

7plus was an absolute powerhouse in 2020 and we have established a strong foundation as we move into what will be its biggest year yet. The combination of so many new and returning hit shows, the strength of our library and, of course, the Tokyo Olympics makes 7plus a must-buy for advertisers.

We launched a number of new EAVE [Enhanced Advertising and Viewing Experience] innovations including Freezeframe and Binge Ads to further enhance the advertiser and viewer experience in 2020 and there is more to come in 2021.

Without doubt 2021 will be the year of true convergence for broadcast and BVOD, and having such a strong BVOD platform, powered by 7REDiQ, strengthens our offering and the opportunities for brands in the year ahead and beyond,” she said.

Nicole Bence, Seven West Media Network Digital Sales Director

7plus in 2020:

  • • #1 commercial free-to-air BVOD platform, with a 41.9% share of total commercial free-to-air BVOD viewership
  • • #1 in on-demand viewership, with a 42.5% share
  • • 76% growth in total viewership year-on-year, more than double the BVOD market’s total growth rate
  • • 76% growth in live viewership year-on-year
  • • 76% growth in on-demand viewership year-on-year

Source: OzTAM VPM 3.1, 2020 calendar year

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Content spine

Seven in 2020: #1 in news, sport, digital

By 7plus, SEVEN

#1 program of 2020: AFL Grand Final
#1 winter sport: AFL, up 12% on 2019
#1 news program of 2020: 7NEWS
#1 breakfast TV program of 2020: Sunrise
#1 Australian drama of 2020: Home and Away
#1 commercial free to air BVOD platform: 7plus
#1 news website for 18 to 39s:
#1 network June to November
#1 multichannel group: 7two, 7mate, 7flix
And three new tentpole hits: Big Brother, Farmer Wants A Wife, SAS Australia

The most-watched TV program of the year, the #1 news and current affairs programs, the launch of three hit new tentpole shows – including the biggest new show of 2020 –and strong audience share growth in the second half of the year were among the highlights for the Seven Network across the 2020 ratings season.

Seven’s success on broadcast TV was matched by the remarkable growth of 7plus, which saw growth of 80% and ended the year as the #1 commercial free to air TV BVOD platform ahead of all its commercial rivals.

Thanks to an unbeatable regular content line-up that includes Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Chase, 7NEWS, Home and Away and Better Homes and Gardens; prime time hits including Big Brother, Farmer Wants A Wife, SAS Australia (the #1 new show of the year) and The All New Monty Guys and Gals; and the high-rating AFL season, Seven Network and Channel 7 were #1 from 6am to midnight.

In prime time, Seven Network increased its audience share during the June to November period, adding 3.8 share points in 25 to 54s, 6.5 points in 16 to 39s and 3.5 points in total people. From June to November, Seven Network was #1 in total people and 16 to 39s.

7two, 7mate and 7flix added to the success, ranking as the #1 multichannel group across 2020.

Our new content-led strategy of outsourcing proven international formats, coupled with our market-leading news and sport content, has produced strong results this year.

The great performance of Big Brother, Farmer Wants A Wife, SAS Australia, 7NEWS, the AFL and more drove strong growth in our audiences in the key demographics of 25-54s and 16-39s during the second half of 2020.

We’ve shown only glimpse of our best this year and that got us to about half a percentage point from being the most watched network in the country.

Next year we will have all our returning hits, big new shows, the content that was delayed this year because of COVID, our first-class Olympics coverage, our winning news and sport schedules, and a few surprises we haven’t revealed yet. Bring on 2021.

James Warburton, Seven West Media Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer


Commercial audience shares (%)

NetworkFebruary to MayJune to NovemberPercentage point change 
Total PeopleSeven35.238.8+3.5
25 to 54sSeven31.134.9+3.8
16 to 39sSeven30.236.6+6.5



• 1.64 million viewers nationally, 1.06 million in the capital cities
• #1 news program
• Won every week of the survey year
• Up 8% on 2019 in 25 to 54s, up 10% in total people
• #1 news website for 18 to 39s
• Up 40% in 2019 in average monthly reach

• 480,000 viewers nationally, 279,000 in the capital cities
• #1 breakfast TV program
• Won every day of the survey year, for the second year in a row

The Latest:
• 366,000 viewers nationally, 240,000 in the capital cities
• Up 59% on 2019 in 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s, up 63% in total people

The Morning Show:
• 252,000 viewers nationally, 151,000 in the capital cities
• #1 morning TV program
• Won its timeslot for survey year
• Up 5% on 2019 in 25 to 54s, up 8% in 16 to 39s, up 13% in total people


7NEWS Presents – Murder In The Outback: The Falconio & Lees Mystery:
• 1.72 million viewers nationally, 1.1 million in the capital cities
• #1 in timeslot in total people
• Lifted timeslot audience 22% in 25 to 54s, 12% in 16 to 39s, 43% in total people

7NEWS: Coronavirus Special:
• 1.42 million viewers nationally, 955,000 in the capital cities
• Lifted timeslot audience 9% in 25 to 54s, 6% in 16 to 39s, 14% in total people

7NEWS: Ben Cousins – Coming Clean:
• 1.16 million viewers nationally, 811,000 in the capital cities
• Lifted timeslot audience 8% in 25 to 54s

7NEWS Presents – Cruising, The Biggest Storm:
• 1.07 million viewers nationally, 703,000 in the capital cities
• Lifted timeslot audience 29% in 25 to 54s, 70% in 16 to 39s, 20% in total people

7NEWS Spotlight – The Lindy Tapes:
• 1.02 million viewers nationally, 637,000 in the capital cities
• #1 in timeslot in total people
• Lifted timeslot audience 18% in 25 to 54s, 19% in 16 to 39s, 9% in total people


AFL Grand Final:
• 3.86 million viewers nationally, 3.01 million in the capital cities
• #1 program of 2020
• Up 41% on 2019 in 25 to 54s, 48% in 16 to 39s, 36% in total people
• #1 in timeslot in 25 to 54s, 16 to 39s and total people
• 17.6 million streaming minutes streamed, up 257% on 2019

AFL Grand Final Presentations:
• 2.88 million viewers nationally, 2.29 million in the capital cities
• Up 19% on 2019 in 25 to 54s, 24% in 16 to 39s, 15% in total people
• #1 in timeslot in 25 to 54s, 16 to 39s and total people

AFL Grand Final On The Ground:
• 2.8 million viewers nationally, 2.19 million in the capital cities
• Up 39% on 2019 in 25 to 54s, 56% in 16 to 39s, 36% in total people
• #1 in timeslot in 25 to 54s, 16 to 39s and total people

AFL Grand Final Pre Match Entertainment:
• 1.95 million viewers nationally, 1.49 million in the capital cities
• Up 91% on 2019 in 25 to 54s, 106% in 16 to 39s, 92% in total people
• #1 in timeslot in 25 to 54s, 16 to 39s and total people

AFL Finals Series:
• 1.21 million viewers nationally, 932,000 in the capital cities
• Up 8% in 2019 in 25 to 54s, 21% in 16 to 39s, 11% in total people
• #1 in timeslot in footy markets in 25 to 54s, 16 to 39s and total people

AFL Premiership Season:
• 723,000 viewers nationally, 548,000 in the capital cities
• #1 winter sport on TV
• Up 10% on 2019 in 25 to 54s, 22% in 16 to 39s, 7% in total people
• #1 in timeslot in footy markets in 25 to 54s, 16 to 39s and total people

The Front Bar:
• 469,000 viewers nationally, 360,000 in the capital cities

Horse Racing:
100th Cox Plate Race:
• 600,000 viewers nationally, 436,000 in the capital cities
• Up 87% on 2019 in total people
Golden Eagle:
• 227,000 viewers nationally, 137,000 in the capital cities for the race.


Farmer Wants A Wife:
• Finale: 1.59 million viewers nationally, 1.01 million in the capital cities
• Series: 1.42 million viewers nationally, 903,000 in the capital cities
• Series: Lifted timeslot audience 28% in 25 to 54s, 28% in 16 to 39s, 14% in total people
• Reached 941,000 people on digital
• 142 million minutes streamed

Fire Fight Australia (Concert/Final Performance):
• 1.56 million viewers nationally, 1.0 million in the capital cities
• #1 in timeslot in total people
• Lifted timeslot audience 79% in 25 to 54s, 71% in 16 to 39s, 81% in total people

Big Brother:
• Finale – Winner Announced: 1.29 million viewers nationally, 905,000 in the capital cities
• Finale: 1.17 million viewers nationally, 798,000 in the capital cities
• Series: 1.15 million viewers nationally, 816,000 in the capital cities
• Series: Lifted timeslot audience 69% in 25 to 54s, 90% in 16 to 39s, 26% in total people
• Reached 1.4 million people on digital
• Biggest launch of entertainment program on commercial free to air BVOD
• 290 million minutes streamed
• Over 101 million total social media impressions
• #BBAU or Housemates trended nationally on Twitter during every episode
• 8.3 million social engagements
• 25.4 million social video views

The All New Monty Guys and Gals:
• 1.21 million viewers nationally, 820,000 in the capital cities
• Lifted timeslot audience 16% in 16 to 39s
• Reached 210,000 people on digital
• 13 million minutes streamed

SAS Australia:
• Biggest new show of 2020
• 1.12 million viewers nationally, 791,000 in the capital cities
• Lifted timeslot audience 85% in 25 to 54s, 91% in 16 to 39s, 58% in total people
• Reached 925,000 people on digital
• Premiere episode recorded a BVOD audience of 414,000, a new record for 7plus
• 127 million minutes streamed
• 92 million social impressions
• 34 million social video views

Beat The Chasers:
• 1.03 million viewers nationally, 647,000 in the capital cities
• Lifted timeslot audience 37% in total people
• 5.5 million minutes streamed

Home and Away:
• 1.0 million viewers nationally, 617,000 in the capital cities
• #1 Australian drama on commercial free-to-air
• Reached 1.1 million people on digital
• Most streamed drama series on BVOD
• BVOD audience up 13% on 2019
• 1.9 million total social followers
• 229 million social impressions
• 20 million total social engagements
• 47.8 million social video views

The Chase:
• 965,000 viewers nationally, 593,000 in the capital cities
• Won every week of the survey year
• Up 4% on 2019 in total people

Better Homes and Gardens:
• 870,000 viewers nationally, 533,000 in the capital cities
• #1 lifestyle show
• #1 in timeslot for total people and grocery shoppers
• Reached 506,000 people on digital
• BVOD streaming minutes up 62% on 2019


• #1 commercial free to air BVOD platform
• 42.7% share of commercial free to air BVOD market
• Up 80% on 2019 in streaming minutes


• #1 multichannel combination
• 7two: #1 multichannel in target market of women 25 and older
• 7mate: #1 multichannel in target markets of 25 to 54s and men 18 to 54

TOP 30 OF 2020

RankProgram NameNetworkNationalMetroRegional
1Seven’s AFL: Grand Final: Richmond v GeelongSeven 3,859,0003,011,000848,000
2NRL Grand Final Day – MatchNine 2,984,0002,106,000878,000
3Seven’s AFL: Grand Final: PresentationsSeven 2,877,0002,290,000587,000
4Seven’s AFL: Grand Final: On the GroundSeven 2,802,0002,191,000611,000
5State of Origin Rugby League Qld v NSW 3rd – MatchNine 2,732,0001,894,000856,000
6State of Origin Rugby League NSW v Qld 2nd – MatchNine 2,446,0001,654,000792,000
7State of Origin Rugby League Qld v NSW 1st – MatchNine 2,404,0001,606,000798,000
8The Block – Winner AnnouncedNine 2,370,0001,792,000578,000
9Lego Masters – Winner AnnouncedNine 2,158,0001,630,000528,000
10MasterChef Australia – The Winner Announced102,062,0001,576,000486,000
11Seven’s AFL: Grand Final: Pre Match EntertainmentSeven 1,953,0001,487,000466,000
12The Block – Grand FinalNine 1,918,0001,431,000487,000
13Married At First Sight – The Final Dinner PartyNine 1,901,0001,432,000469,000
14Lego Masters – LaunchNine 1,875,0001,391,000484,000
15Melbourne Cup Carnival: Melbourne Cup  -Race101,869,0001,412,000457,000
16Lego Masters – FinaleNine 1,826,0001,386,000440,000
17The Masked Singer Australia – The Final Reveal101,730,0001,237,000493,000
187NEWS Presents – Murder In The OutbackSeven1,723,0001,095,000628,000
19Australian Ninja Warrior Winner AnnouncedNine 1,721,0001,272,000449,000
20MasterChef Australia – Grand Finale Part 2101,690,0001,300,000390,000
21NRL Grand Final Day EntertainmentNine1,628,0001,146,000482,000
22Fire Fight Australia Concert  LateSeven 1,599,0001,031,000568,000
23Farmer Wants A Wife – FinaleSeven 1,587,0001,010,000577,000
24Fire Fight Australia ConcertSeven 1,558,000991,000567,000
25Australian Ninja Warrior Grand FinalNine 1,545,0001,144,000401,000
26The Voice – LaunchNine1,536,0001,082,000454,000
27MasterChef Australia – Grand Finale Part 1101,505,0001,195,000310,000
28Seven’s AFL: Saturday Night Football Finals (Preliminary Final 2: Brisbane v Geelong)Seven 1,493,0001,154,000339,000
29Farmer Wants A Wife – LaunchSeven 1,492,000985,000507,000
30Fire Fight Australia Final PerformanceSeven 1,491,000947,000544,000

Source: OzTAM (Metro Broadcast, National BVOD), RegionalTAM (Comb. Agg Markets). Combined/National: Metro + Regional. 2020 Survey Year: Wks 7-48 (excludes Summer and Easter). Metro Network CShares, 1800-2400; 2nd half (Wks 2448), 1st half Wks 7-23 excl Easter). Program/timeslot growth year-on-year based on metro. Top event programs excludes regular series. AFL Grand Final match most watched program combined and metro. AFL growth based on Seven Network full seasons 2020 v 2019 average metro audience. #1 claims for News and Sunrise vs similar competitor programs airing in similar timezone. Home and Away #1 Aussie Drama for regular series (3 or more eps) nationally. The Chase Australia #1 game show for daily program. #1 multi-channel groups for prime time (1800-2400). Sunrise wins every day (0600-0900) vs Today, The Morning Show wins timeslot vs Today Extra, News Hour (M-F) and The Chase Australia wins every week vs Nine News Hour and Hot Seat. Program averages; News hour (M-F 1800-1900), The Chase Aust excludes 5pm, Sunrise (0700-0900), The Morning Show (excl Extra). Top 30 Events is for the 2020 Survey Year (excl Summer and Easter), FTA Programs, Total Individuals, Average Audience, Combined: Metro + Regional.

BVOD: OzTAM VPM 3.1, reach, total minutes (Live + VOD), YOY exclude co-viewing minutes. #1 commercial free to air BVOD share, 7plus growth 2020 v 2019 Wks 7-48 total (live + VOD) streaming minutes, excludes co-viewing for growth. Nielsen DCR monthly tagged, digital C/M, avg monthly UA 2020 Jan-Oct, YOY based on Jun-Dec 2019 avg monthly UA (7NEWS launch date), Jan-Oct 2020 avg monthly UA.

SAS Australia

SAS Australia scores big for 7 and 7plus

By 7plus, SEVEN

Biggest new TV show of 2020

After six weeks of punishing conditions, extreme physical tests, sleep deprivation and intense interrogations, the Seven Network’s latest hit show, SAS Australia, reached its dramatic conclusion last night.

The final episode – which saw comedian Merrick Watts, rugby union player Nick Cummins and AFLW star Sabrina Frederick pass SAS selection – drew a national audience of 1.04 million.

In the capital cities, it captured 767,000 viewers and dominated its timeslot with a commercial share of 42.0% in 25 to 54s, 47.5% in 16 to 39s and 35.4% in total people.

Across its debut season, SAS Australia achieved a total video audience of 1.35 million, making it the biggest new show of 2020.

SAS Australia’s total video audience included a broadcast audience of 1.13 million on Channel 7 and a record-breaking catch-up audience of 228,000 on 7plus.

SAS Australia shattered 7plus records, becoming the biggest show in the history of Australia’s #1 commercial free-to-air BVOD service in record time. The premiere episode now has a BVOD audience of 414,000, with subsequent episodes seeing similar BVOD audiences. Seven’s Network

SAS Australia has broken records all over the place. It’s the biggest show ever on 7plus and the biggest new TV show of the year.

Angus Ross, Director of Programming

7plus turns up the heat for summer

By 7plus, SEVEN
Australia’s #1 commercial BVOD platform’s sizzling line-up

The Seven Network’s rapidly growing 7plus platform will launch its biggest ever line-up of summer content, asserting its position as Australia’s #1 commercial free-to-air BVOD service.

The line-up includes the highly acclaimed Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Station 19, Ally McBeal, Dawson’s Creek, 90210 and The Big C, plus homegrown shows including Home and Away, Better Homes and Gardens and Channel 7’s new tentpole smash hit Holey Moley, which tees off early next year.

7plus will also present a series of “Collections” to reach different audiences, including Summer Movies, Leading Ladies, Bingeworthy Boxsets, Premium Dramas and Aussie Classics.

With the BVOD market showing strong growth this year, 7plus has taken the lead among commercial free-to-air BVOD services thanks to the success of SAS Australia, Big Brother, Home and Away and a deep library of classic content.

So far in calendar year 2020, 7plus leads with a 41.5% commercial free-to-air BVOD share, ahead of 9Now on 41.3% and 10play on 17.2%. For the survey year to date (including Easter), 7plus has a 42.5% share, followed by 9Now on 40.3% and 10play on 17.2%*.

Gereurd Roberts

7plus has been the star performer in the BVOD world this year and now is the perfect time to introduce a deep and compelling line-up of new and classic content for the 2020-21 summer.

Gereurd Roberts, Seven West Media’s Chief Digital Officer

Summer of Streaming with 7plus

Go to 7plus now

7plus’ winning streak continues

By 7plus, SEVEN

The Seven Network has announced that 7plus, Australia’s #1 commercial free-to-air BVOD service, secured another resounding win for the week of Sunday, 25 October to Saturday, 31 October.

Across the week, 7plus scored a total audience share of 42.0 per cent, ahead of 9Now’s 41.4 per cent and 10play’s 16.6 per cent.

7plus’ victory came in a week when 9Now had its biggest live streaming day ever thanks to the NRL Grand Final on Sunday, 25 October. Despite the Grand Final, 9Now was unable to beat 7plus across the week.

Last week’s win saw 7plus further cement its position as the commercial free-to-air BVOD leader in both calendar year to date and survey year to date (incl Easter).

So far in calendar year 2020, 7plus leads with a 41.4 per cent market share, ahead of 9Now on 41.3 per cent and 10play on 17.3 per cent. For the survey year to date (incl Easter), 7plus has a 42.5 per cent share, followed by 9Now on 40.3 per cent and 10play on 17.2 per cent.

7plus’ win last week is a testament to our content strategy. Viewers are flocking to our great tentpole programming, like SAS Australia, and are then discovering the massive library of content we have on offer. Add to that the 12 live channels, and 7plus is in a winning position.

With our recent improvements to both the viewer and advertising experience, including Watchlist and Programmatic Freeze Frame, this growing audience is stickier than ever before. That already means better results for our partners when they advertise their brands on 7plus – and there is plenty more to come.

Gereurd Roberts, Seven West Media’s Chief Digital Officer

7plus’ success for the week was driven by SAS Australia, which saw over 21.5 million VOD minutes streamed, and Home and Away, with over 15 million VOD minutes streamed.

Episodes 3 and 4 of SAS Australia continued the massive VOD viewership of the first two episodes, with episode 3 watched by over 163,600 extra viewers on 7plus since its broadcast last Monday, and episode 4 watched by over 138,500 extra viewers since its broadcast last Tuesday night.

Episode 1 of SAS Australia has now accumulated an additional 347,000 viewers on 7plus on top of its broadcast audience, and episode 2 an additional 323,000 viewers. These two episodes are now the most- and second-most watched episodes of any program in 7plus history.

With hit shows, the biggest live-streamed BVOD entertainment launch of all time with Big Brother, continued investment in content-led growth and more 7plus exclusives slated for 2021, 7plus is set to continue as the ultimate streaming destination.

Source: OzTAM VPM 3.1, 25/10/2020-31/10/2020. Total Streaming.


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