Big Brother + KFC 2021


After a highly successful partnership between KFC and Big Brother in 2020, how do we not only unlock housemates Fried Side of Life – however Big Brother viewers too for Season 2?

  • Always be original
  • KFC brings the party
  • KFC celebrates the lovable larrikin


Bringing the Fried Side of Life inside and outside the Big Brother house. Deliver KFC within unexpected occasions and celebrations to unlock housemates and Aussie viewers’ free spirits.

  • Build desire – creating impactful unexpected mouth watering moments for housemates that gets Australia talking and craving KFC
  • Establish frequency extending food enjoyment beyond a moment, continuing to align to the Fried Side of Life
  • Facilitate the Free spirit, making it easy for Aussies to enjoy the Fried Side of Life – through a watch n’ win competition smashing benchmarks for entry by 5x


  • Established and maintained strong awareness and recall: +20% uplift in brand awareness maintained throughout the whole season.
  • Connected viewers with the core brand: +67% uplift across core brand attributes related to the Fried Side of Life
  • Drove action and influenced behaviour: +21% uplift in viewers ordering and enjoying KFC
  • Moved KFC to #1 QSR among viewers, with uplifts across visitation in store, online, and downloading the KFC app

“Once again 7Red and Big Brother raised the benchmark in sponsorship integration for KFC and the sponsorship delivered record results”

Kristi Woolrych, KFC Chief Marketing & Information Officer

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