Content to Disrupt
EAVE is a new ad framework to enhance the experience for our viewers across broadcast and BVOD. Tried and tested, the model drives greater cut-through for our valued partners, best position in-break and competitor suppression, supercharging the proven effectiveness of TV advertising.
7CAP is a platform that uses Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to analyse and classify contextual moments in content, then aligns your campaign to the most relevant scene and break. It delivers increased advertising impact and ease with automation. Talk to us about 7CAP today.
Seven’s dynamic trading experience, CODE7 delivers guaranteed audience and removes audience volatility from TV campaigns. The combination of people and technology will make your life easier with no campaign maintenance, while future proofing for converged trading across all screens.
7plus FF
The 7plus Freeze Frame was a broadcaster-first in Australia and our clients can’t get enough. The next phase offers more screen real estate, QR code options, and a high impact between episode format. Check out the Upfront Uncovered videos for more NEW 7plus announcements.
7plus #1 average UA in 2020 was 9.8m which is up +42% YOY. We are now the number 3 commercial digital news platform in the country, #1 for people under 30 and #1 men under 40. Look our for new products, new branded content solutions and advertising innovation in 2021.

Seven’s Digital Sales Director Nicole Bence talks commercial success with Michael Usher, 7NEWS presenter and host of The Latest.

Michael Usher tells us how has changed the game for 24 hour news delivery from Australia’s number one news brand.