7REDiQ is the audience intelligence to power your campaigns. Meaningful insights underpinned by cultural understanding. Because that’s when the magic happens. 

Data available to advertisers is shifting away from 3rd party data and Cookies, and into creating genuine and authentic audience identity and understanding. It means it’s more important than ever to work with content owners who have a focus on quality data capture and verification fused with first party audience intelligence. 


We use first party login data to identify and target key ages or life stages with your product to ensure relevancy, or unlock the power of deterministic data – including lifestyle, location and spending habits – to complete the picture and truly hit the mark.


Bring Your Own Data to match with SWM’s high quality, 10m+ verified users, to amplify or exclude audiences and drive the efficiencies and outcomes you want. It’s your choice.


Gain better understanding of what audiences are doing, thinking and feeling by overlaying data with content consumption. The centre for bringing cultural understanding to life.

We are transforming into an audience-centric organisation committed to cultivating audiences. 7REDiQ continually elevates our understanding of our audiences, driving insight and influencing strategy. This platform will unlock greater audience intelligence for you based on deterministic data when it comes to tentpole sponsorship, partnership and campaign opportunities.

Andrew Brain, Director of Audience Intelligence

SWM ID and our Data Partners

The SWM ID is our 100% verified first party data asset powering our new Customer Data Platform.

Built and enriched by Australia’s most viewed digital events ranging from last years’ record breaking The Voice season, to daily habits like consistent BVOD leader Home and Away or live streaming obsession Sunrise, to some of Australian greatest sporting moments.

7REDiQ prioritises real world audience truths over inferred behaviours. A technology platform that amalgamates 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data and brings it to life to provide our clients’ businesses – and our own – with actionable insights for better results.

Take a look at what 7REDiQ can do for you and what’s next.

Identity data driven insights are shifting from ‘what we think’ to ‘what we know’ about consumers. In today’s data driven world, many brands do not have access to other data partners to help unlock insights against their own consumers. Access to this can help brands have a better understanding of behavioural traits to understand life motivators across active or lapsed consumers.

At Seven, we believe in helping marketers and brands. That’s why we’re opening up 7REDiQ for brands to connect with over 12m registered users and some of Australia’s leading lifestyle datasets. We can deliver insights as a service, giving you deep analysis and actionable takeaways to help with better channel planning.

Your brand will be delivered a visual representation of your consumers – giving transparent insights ready for you to implement.

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