Last updated 29 June 2017

Who is Airtasker? 

Airtasker is a trusted Australian online and mobile community platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks and find local services, with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work. To date, there are over 1.3million people using Airtasker, over $165million worth of jobs have been created and over $11.5million worth of jobs are available every month.

What did Airtasker want to achieve using Seven West Media?  

The objective was to increase brand awareness and post 1,000,000 tasks.

Did the Seven West Media campaign deliver for Airtasker? 


One Better Homes and Gardens segment drove a spike in website traffic of 1100% hour on hour.

TVC and billboards on My Kitchen Rules, delivered audience engagement of over 920%.

Brand awareness increased from 7% to more than 21% and SWM reached it’s 1,000,000 task goal in April 2017. 

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