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Seven West Media and Prime Media Group have partnered with Aquire, a business rewards program from Qantas to provide you with the opportunity to earn rewards by advertising with us. 
We reach over 20 Million Australians every week and will work with your business to create a tailored advertising solution for as little as $20,000.


"It is clear that the power of Free to Air television drives our idea

and our brand. All mediums have their place but TV still is by far the

biggest driver of business objectives."


Hugo Schreuder, Group Head of Marketing - Youi


At Seven and Prime, we understand that every business is different. We can guide you through the various advertising packages available to create a campaign that is all about results.
Contact us to speak with an experienced Sales Representative who will assist you with any queries. 


Your local contact:

Peter Quinn

Sydney Group Sales Manager - Direct

E: pquinn@seven.com.au

T: +61 2 8777 7330

For Prime Media Group enquiries:

Regional areas (Prime7/GWN7) Visit our website www.regionalinsights.com.au

Important Information

*A business must be an Aquire Member to earn Aquire Points. A join fee of $89.50 applies. Fees are inclusive of any applicable GST and may be varied by Qantas from time to time, without notice, in its absolute discretion. Aquire membership and Aquire Points are subject to the Aquire Terms and Conditions available at www.aquire.com.au

Aquire Points are offered under the SWM and affiliates Terms and Conditions.  The offer applies to Aquire Members that (a) have not previously purchased advertising from the relevant SWM entity or affiliate and (b) which are not advertising agencies or purchasing through advertising agencies (unless otherwise determined by us in our absolute discretion). Earning Aquire Points under this Reward Scheme is limited to advertising booked and paid by an Aquire member within the Reward Scheme period outlined in the SWM and affiliates Terms and Conditions.

If you are an existing advertising client, please contact your SWM sales representative to discuss other ways in which you may be able to earn Aquire Points.

#20,000 bonus Aquire Points are awarded for making a minimum spend which ranges from $15,000 to $50,000 depending on the SWM entity or affiliate. Bonus points are only awarded once per customer per affilate. For more information, see the SWM and affiliates Terms and Conditions or talk to your SWM representative.